a day in the life of...

ahh...we lead a fascinating life. and how we spend our days proves it! this is just an example of our daily schedule if we don't have any plans. our schedule is pretty flexible. since ledger's been born and we have lived in the arctic during that time, i haven't ventured out too far or for too long.

9am: we start our day around this time each day, give or take 30 minutes. this has always been canon's wake time. i consider myself lucky...especially now that ledger is adopting 9:00 as well!

9:30am: after changing 2 very wet diapers, it's time to feed 2 very hungry little boys. canon for the past 7ish months has eaten a bowl of regular oatmeal with a baby food fruit stirred in for flavor and 1 serving of fruit. it's one of only a few foods that he will eat no matter what mood he is in. he loves it. i then eat my daily bowl of cereal which canon helps me eat :)

10am: the boys get dressed in something comfy or they stay in their footie pj's. canon won't leave socks on his feet, so while it's been freezing out, he's pretty much lived in a rotation of footed sleepwear. i usually empty and load the dishwasher or throw a load of laundry in or pick up toys or pay bills during this time.

11am: ledger usually lays down around this time. 85% of the time, canon only takes an afternoon nap, but some days he just needs a nap sooner. this is when he would lay down. otherwise, we just play.

12pm: lunch time! i try to be creative in coming up with things canon will eat. in the past week, he has loved eating broccoli, cheese, and rice or blueberry pancakes. we always follow the main course with another trusty staple, yo-baby yogurt. he has also eaten this religiously for 7 months. after the boys have eaten, i grab some lunch.

1pm: NAP TIME!!! i lay down with them half of the time, but i will only sleep for 45 minutes-1 hour. they, on the other hand will sleep 2-3 hours. this is when i shower and have my time.

4pm: snack time for all. crackers, canon's all-time favorite, are usually involved, but not after i've forced a banana or something somewhat nutritious down him. sometimes a battle ensues.
while i'm starting dinner, canon plays under my feet or barney entertains him.

5pm: daddy comes home. thank goodness! he plays with canon while i finish up dinner.

5:45pm: dinner time and clean- up.

6:15-7:45pm: family time which involves lots of wrestling and games with balls and books! canon loves playing with his daddy.

8pm: bedtime for canon. pj's, kisses, and a bible story. sometimes he will still let us rock him.

8:15pm: time to relax!!

10 pm: feed ledger and put him down.

11pm-12am: bedtime for mommy and daddy. (except mommy gets to wake up a couple of times with brother!)

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