cousin nora, cookies, and a birthday wish...

this is cousin nora. nora and her parents stopped through on their way to dallas. she's canon's third cousin! she turned one last week. as you can see, she's a big girl! she is at the top of the growth chart while canon remains at the bottom. they were so much fun to watch play. canon's still learning how to "play" with other kids. nora also is learning how to walk so she kept pulling up on canon, but she would pull canon down instead! hilarious. their play this morning kind of turned into a wrestling match!

also, this morning, canon found a bag of cookies that were left on the coffee table last night. i was throwing a load of laundry in the wash. when i came back in, he had propped himself on a pillow in the middle of the floor with two cookies!
all i could think of was the little song, "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? canon stole the cookie from the cookie jar!" my word, he's so stinking cute!
today my birthday wish is coming true! an ice/snow storm is on the way! i love weather!!! lane call me grandma because of how much i watch the weather in one day, but i don't care. for some reason, i've always loved bad weather, especially on my birthday. the past 2 years my wish has come true within a few days of my actual birthday!! plus we got a blizzard over christmas. best.winter.ever!

i went to the store yesterday and stocked up on everything we would need while being "iced" in! hopefully, the power doesn't go off so we can enjoy the chili and stew. my mom got discharged from the hospital this morning. her doctor let her go a day early so she could get home before the storm hits. lauren is on her way to stay with us now. the house she lives in in stillwater loses power easily, plus bad weather makes her a tad nervous (that's an understatement!). her classes were cancelled today and the campus is closed tomorrow. driving in this also makes her a nervous wreck so she's riding the "bob" (osu's bus for commuters) to tulsa!

get ready...here it comes!!!

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Eden Greer said...

It was so good to see you and spend time with your family! Sonora loves Canon. He is such a good sport, hopefully next time we see you she'll be walking more so she won't have to use Canon to stand. Love you guys!