two months old...

my little lovebug,

i can't believe you are already two months old. i have a feeling i will say that often this year. how is it that it feels like yesterday we met you, yet at the same time, you've been with us forever? nonetheless, you've changed our lives forever and we couldn't be more in love with you! this month has been a BIG one for you, sweet boy. here's a little of what you've been up to!
  • you are so mellow and easy going. you are content with whatever our schedule may be that day. sweet baby!
  • you started going to the nursery! you and hope are the only "babies" in there. you pretty much just sleep in your carseat when you are there. miss lynn calls me when you get hungry and i come down to feed you!
  • you have become mr. social! at 6 weeks old, you finally started smiling. it was the best.moment.ever! you usually wake up happy, and when mommy walks over to get you, you flash a big 'ol smile. even if your fussy, when you see mommy or daddy it makes you happy, and you smile.
  • you love to talk to whoever is holding you. you have a sweet, sweet voice. we're anxious to know if it will be deep like brothers! your little coo comes from the back of your throat. it is music to my ears!!
  • you are becoming so coordinated! "playtime" is lasting longer each day as you discover new things. you are starting to move your hands around in front of your face, opening and closing them. you also learned to track! we like to test your mad skills out by moving from side to side...you follow us!! you usually don't mind tummy time because you are an old pro at holding that head up. i'm sure it won't be long until you learn to roll onto your back. people were amazed in the hospital with your ability to control your head. such a strong boy! you also have become quite the kicker. if we put you in your bouncer, you just kick those little legs while cooing! you love the swing and tolerate the bouncer :)
  • you love your bath! bathtime has become an enjoyable part of the day for you. it made you so mad the first time you got in the big tub that you peed, but since that day we haven't had any "accidents." you like it when mommy pours warm water on you. you don't like it when i try to clean your stinky neck roll! you look so cute wrapped up in your towels.
  • you like to sleep, but not so much that you will miss your middle of the night feeding! i think i thought when you turned 8 weeks, you would magically start sleeping 8 hours. that wasn't the case! you usually will eat around 8 or 9pm then we lay you down. i wake you at 11:30 or 12 to get you good and full before mommy goes to sleep. you then will sleep about 5 hours, nurse, then sleep another 3 before we start our day. you are still nursing every 3 hours. mommy had mastisis this month so nursing was a bit tricky, but we survived!!
  • you still love to be swaddled when sleeping. your hands drive you crazy! mommy wraps you up, and then lays you on your back on the wedge. we used to put you on your side, but this month you decided you liked your back better!
  • you are most comfortable when facing out or being held over our shoulder. you love to rock. daddy is the official "get ledger to quit crying until it's time to eat." he does that by rocking you with you laid over his arm.
  • you are officially wearing 3-6 month clothes. you have worn some of canon's hand-me-downs that he didn't wear until he was 4-5 months old! i love that you are a chunk!!
  • you are also officially wearing size 2 diapers. you have been ready to make the change, but i had a ton of size 1/2 that i was trying to use up. after 3 explosions up the back in 24 hours, we decided to save the 1/2's for the next baby!!
ledger, your family loves you sooo much!! i can't wait for you to start interacting with your big brother because he is crazy about you. he loves hold you! when you wiggle or touch him, he giggles and gets squirmy and usually wants you to do it again! you are such a fun, sweet baby!




...and we're done!


Lauren said...

So adorable! He is a Cowboys fan from the beginning...and I mean the Orange Cowboy kind.

Amy said...

Cute pictures! Love the last one especially.