mama's love...

today's my birthday and, for some reason, i can't quit thinking about my mama. until i had my own kids, did i realize just how much my mom loves me, and how special birthdays really are!

on canon's birthday last year, i remember thinking about each detail of his delivery at the time it would've occurred the previous year. i'm strange like that :)

i now understand what my own mom has experienced on each of my birthdays. i know she has relived the day i was born often. what an amazing feeling to bring a child into the world! especially a perfect child like me...haha!

i feel like my heart is walking around banging on drums and sitting in a swing! i love it! but i also feel like part of me missing when they are away from me.

thank you, mom, for birthing me into this world!! and for loving me so beautifully all these years. you are a wonderful example of a mother that i hope to be to my boys! i love you!

please be praying for my mama in the morning. she is having her other hip replaced. of course, it's major surgery, but she is ready to have it because she knows she will feel so much better!


Lauren said...

Aw what a sweet post. I love mom so much! By the way, the last picture of you is the best!!! I was the photographer.... :)

Anonymous said...

That last pic is a doosey!

Ben Cromley said...

How touched your Mom must be by such a sweet post. How sweet of you to acknowledge what it takes to be a loving Mom and to verbally express what many of us feel about our Moms but don't always say it. You are a sweet,sweet daughter and granddaughter and I love you.