a much needed night out...

what a wonderful aunt the boys have in their aunt lala! she came to watch the boys tuesday night so lane and i get go on a date. it wasn't a leisurely date, but nonetheless some much needed time together. we had 7 stops on our list...eek. first, we filled our bellies with my favorite, pei wei. i love it. although, i am in such a rut of chicken lo mein, but when you know something is so delicious why risk getting something not so yummy? we had so much fun doing "normal" things together. we strategically plan trips where the boys don't have to go or while lane is at work. i love grocery shopping with my husband!

while we were away, my boys (really just canon) had a fun, fun time. ledger just doesn't know how much fun he was having! he got to eat by himself, take a bath, drive his brother around in his new car, wear his daddy's t-shirt, look for kyle on tv, and probably stuff i'm not supposed to know about!

after the boys went to bed, we got to hang out with aunt lala. she got up early to drive back to stillwater so her and kyle could drive to dallas to look for him an apartment. he starts his new job the 18th. he gets to fly for free so i'm sure we'll be seeing him often as he passes through tulsa!

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Lauren said...

I love the often posts! Keep it going girl. :)