the sweetest birthday gift...

my sweet canon came home today. i missed him so much over the past 3 days. he had the sweetest surprise waiting for me when we picked him up...a cake! boy, does he know the way to his mama's heart ;)

eating the dry mix!

"flouring" the cake pan (more like playing!).
this is our friend, maddie. her mama was having her baby brother today!
love him!!
what a brave oomah to bake a cake with a one year old!
maddie made her mommy a cake, too.
very brave, oomah!
sprinkles were his favorite part. they had to hide them after a bit!!

thank you, canon! it's a beautiful cake. can't wait to eat it with you tomorrow! sweet dreams...


Lauren said...

Oh what a yummy cake he made!

Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

how fun! i bet your in-laws had a blast with those two cute kids!

QuitHasslinMe said...

Wow! Two of the world's cutest kids in the same house! Aunt Amy is jealous of someone having both of my favorite kiddos at the same time.

Amy said...

That is so sweet that he helped make your cake. Yes, Oomah is very brave!