frinday night birthday fun...

last night, we had a fun evening! we went to p.f. chang's for dinner with my mom, chloe, lauren, and kyle. yum. it's probably my favorite!
i liked getting "dressed" up. which really means getting out of pj's!
canon was fascinated with the horse out front.
canon entertained himself by playing the drums with chopsticks. he's actually really coordinated at it! he only threw one once :)

we ate plenty. we had crab wontons, lettuce wraps, spring rolls, plus fried rice, an assortment of chicken dishes, a shrimp dish, and lamb (yuck, lane). plus, i got a free small chocolate cake!!
ledger slept the whole time until the last 10 minutes. i love the atmosphere in there. he must've thought it was pretty relaxing too!
what handsome boys i have!
handsome, silly boys.
i got this handy, dandy scrapbook organization bag...on wheels!
lc got me this cute shirt, plus some dumbbells. i think she's trying to tell me something :)
of course, canon enjoyed the box most...go figure.

playing on the rip stick. lane says he's gonna have the boys on it by the time there 3!
it was so cute...
and, oh so, yummy! merritt's bakery does a great job!
playing "boxers or briefs". plenty of laughs there!!
thank you for a fun night! i love to laugh with family. and of course, eat!! i love you all!


Lauren said...

Im glad you had a good night! It was alot of fun! xoxo

Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

PF Changs, yum! We had lunch there today! Sometime, you should try the salt and pepper calamari. It's so good! By far our favorite and I normally don't like calamari...but I love it if it is from PF Changs. Hope you have a great birthday!