15 months old...

***this will be really long and boring to most, but i wanted it in here in chronological order for my scrapbook!***

what a difference a year makes!!

sweet ledger,
wow...you are officially a toddler. although, i still baby you as much as i can for my own sake! you are such a joy in our home, and i'm so thankful for god's perfect timing! here's what you've been up to lately:
  • you have the sweetest personality. i tease and say you are 93% sweet and 7% rotten. you are so easy going and grin ALL the time. daddy and i like to play a game with you where we see how many times we can get you to grin. just takes a look! your smile lights up your whole face.
  • now about the rotten part...you have a VERY strong will. you do not like to be told no. when you get in trouble, you tend to throw yourself on the floor and go limp and carry on. spankings are inconsistent in working with you. i can't tell what form of discipline works on you! thank goodness you're an angel most of the time!
  • you and canon are best buds. you love to go wake him up from naps. you love to pick him up from school. when we get to his class, you always go in and play while mommy gets canon ready to go. you give him a kiss every night before bed. you always like to know where he is!
  • you LOVE your blankie. it goes everywhere with us. if you're upset, that's what makes everything all better. i love this about you since you didn't take a paci. if we don't get it out of your bed when you wake up, you stand at your crib until mommy gets it for you.
  • you have the sweetest self-soothing technique ever. towards the end of nursing, you started pursing your lips and sucking on your tongue like you were nursing. anytime you are still or sleepy, you do this. it still melts my heart everytime i see you do this!
  • you LOVE bathtime...still. anytime you hear water running, you come running. my favorite thing is to get you undressed in the living room and watch your cute bottom run to the bath tub. canon likes to pour water on your head, and it doesn't bother you. one of the first things i remember about you following directions was when you would try to stand up in the bathtub and i would tell you to sit on your bottom...and you would.
  • you LOVE brushing your teeth. i brush them for you and then you brush them. most of the time, we do this in the bathtub. you still only have 6 teeth with no pearly whites on the near horizon.
  • you love to clap/cheer. whether it be while watching wheel of fortune or just if we talk excitedly. you get the floorboard out of the cozy coupe and stand on it and just clap until you drop!
  • you LOVE to wrestle. this may be your favorite thing ever. you and daddy wrestle every single day. you also like to "get" canon. you hold on tight while he drags you around the room. i love to hear you giggle while rough-housing.
  • you and canon have been consistently sharing a room at bedtime now for about a month. y'all have a big time. most of the time, we put you down around 7:30, but we hear you laughing for a good 30-45 minutes. canon loves entertaining you. i think you like the big boy crib! canon wakes up around 7:00-7:30 which wakes you up. we usually let y'all out around 8:00.
  • if we don't have plans, you still like taking an hour morning nap around 9:30. you go back down around 1:00 for a couple hours. you're a good sleeper, and for this, i'm thankful!
  • you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eating. anything. you and canon have turned into very healthy eaters. don't get me wrong, you never pass up bites of cake or french fries! you eat a bowl of plain oatmeal with a banana or blueberries in it every morning. i also mix in yogurt and applesauce for flavor! you like just about any fruits and veggies. you like meat. you LOVE bread. you even like salad!
  • you love when we eat food that you can eat with your fingers. lately, you've wanted to feed yourself with the fork, too. i put a bite on it and then you hold it and get it in your mouth. your accuracy surprises me!
  • your vocab is expanding everyday. you have about 10ish words (mama, dada, cat, drink, thank you, up, dog, cow, eat, please, blankie and a few more) you say on your own, but most times, you are willing to try a word. you can even say your church friends names, "hope" and "zeke". when we ask you what your name is, you point to yourself and say "dada". every.single.time. i hand you food or drink, you say "thank you, mama". sounds more like "ak-u-mama", but so polite!
  • you usually still cry when i drop you off in the nursery, but stop within a minute of me being gone.
  • you are a climber and love to explore. one of your favorite things to do is to climb onto something and just sit there. your independence is showing itself by you wanting to walk everywhere we go. you don't care for baskets or me holding you!
  • you are tough. rarely does something bother you if you've hurt yourself. you just get up and keep going. you have picked up from canon that you want a kiss on whatever you hurt then you go on about your business.
  • your annoying habit is when you want a drink, you blow your lips out over and over. we ALWAYS say to you "no, what do you say?" and you say, "-ink, please." you picked this up from your brother, too :)
  • your favorite activity is reading. you LOVE books and bring them to me all day. i'm so glad you love to read as much as you do. you usually will pick 2 or 3 out for a few days and then move on to new favorites!
  • you like to play cars or with buzz and woody. you've learned how to pretend eat and drink since we've had the play kitchen.
  • while we play in the playroom, you bring me a million and five animals one at a time and ask "dis(this)?" so sweet!
  • pixar movies are finally holding your attention. you like cars and toy story best. you also like mickey mouse clubhouse and sesame street.
  • you wear size 4 diapers, size 4 shoes, and 12-18 month toddler(gap) clothes.
  • we found out this month that you have a "low-moderate" peanut allergy. as long as you avoid peanut butter, you're fine. they think you should outgrow this by age 3.
you are the cuddliest, sweetest baby boy on the planet, and i am so thankful you are ours. i love you so much, ledger.





Love from Texas said...

Thanks for sharing with me about your little man's delayed jumping! He's stinkin ADORABLE and good for him for mastering it - that encourages me! Sounds like our boys are right at the same age - Knox will be 3 on 5/29 :)

Lauren said...

Oh sweet Ledger...you are growing so quickly. You have the sweetest personality and I love coming to see you. When you say LaLa it melts my heart! I love seeing you run and keep up with Canon! I love you so so much!