a get well soon and a peanut allergy...

lane is sick again and took the morning off to get some rest to hopefully kick this thing along with the antibiotics he's taking. in my attempt to keep the boys from waking him and also trying to get some cleaning done, i let the boys loose with crayons and stickers. canon is a boy who LOVES projects and tasks. this was perfect...make a card to give to daddy! ledger enjoyed a few scribbles and hoarding the stickers for himself.
another thing they are loving lately is playing in the crib. canon goes and gets all his balls then puts them in the crib and then they play. surprisingly, they don't throw them out. it will entertain them for a good 20-30 minutes. ledger gets bored with it faster! canon gets upset ledger doesn't want to stay in the crib then my break is pretty much over :)
i just got a call from the pedi office regarding ledger's allergy test he got last week. she said it's a pretty basic test for this age. it scores on a scale of 0-6. ledger's were all 0, except on peanuts which he scored a 2 (a low-moderate...which sounds like an oxy-moron). she said this type of allergy doesn't require further treatment or an epi-pen; just avoiding peanut butter. they usually outgrow it around 3 so we can try adding it back in then.

for now, i just need to carry benadryl with me as that seems to help the reactions he has! thankful, it's not worse, but kind of annoying having to avoid food. i didn't even ask if he would be allergic to other nut butters. do you know of anyone who has a peanut allergy that can eat like sunflower or almond butter??

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anxiously hopeful said...

I don't have any experience with nut allergies but out Pediatrician told me to avoid giving them peanut butter for the first 2 years. I bought some Soy Butter at Wal-mart.