and the craziness ensues...

why on earth would i think that we would be sitting around each day with nothing to do but eat box after box of the many girl scout cookies that are sitting in our kitchen? maybe because last time i played live-in nurse for 3 months, we did! last time, i didn't have any children to take care of in addition to my patient and chloe wasn't the social butterfly she has become :)

i have definitely kept busy. i spent 4 out of 5 of the weekdays sitting in various doctor's offices/hair salons for my boys and chloe. i've been to the bank a million and one times for 3 different people. i've been to wal-mart more than one should have to go in a week, and that doesn't even include a trip our sweet friend took on our behalf while i drove my sick baby to the doctor in tulsa. *side note* a shout-out to my mom's awesome church friends that have been bringing a meal every other night for the past 3 1/2 weeks. you have no idea how helpful and appreciative we are! thanks for being the church!!

ledger is doing much better since the last post. he still has the cough and major congestion, but he is his sweet, happy self again. the doctor said these symptoms take forever to go away. he is down to breathing treatments 3 times/day. now that he's feeling better, the whole household has inherited his sick germs. there are more sore throats and snot living under one roof than should be allowed.

i had taken canon to the doctor on wednesday because he wouldn't leave his ears alone and was fussy. turns out, his tubes are trying to work their way out so they are irritating him. by saturday afternoon, though, he was running 102*, coughing, and wheezing. we are treating him with breathing treatments, and after a sleepless night of coughing last night, he is taking all-natural cough syrup. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for tonight :) mom, chloe, and i all have bronchitis like symptoms. when i'm giving the boys their breathing treatments, i try to breathe in all the extra juice!!

all this to say, everytime it got crazy, i was so overcome with thankfulness. i would seriously thank god that my babies were healthy otherwise and that they were in my arms. i was thankful that my mom was recovering from a surgery with no serious complications. i was thankful for in-laws that have watched my boys whenever i needed. i was thankful for a sister who i'm crazy about and has been such a helper with a great attitude. my boys love her to pieces and she has helped tons with them. we have all just done whatever needs to be done, one task at a time :)

the good news is, by the time i was at my wit's end from the busy week on thursday night, lane came in town! i miss him like crazy and it was so wonderful to see him, but he was thrown from his bachelor living the past couple weeks right into daddy duty. i got to go have a girl's night friday with some new friends from the area ( several of us blog, and no one had a camera i just realized...i'll do better next time!). i've been looking forward to it for awhile now, and we are going to continue it each month. i loved getting out by myself for a few hours and meeting people that were in the same stage of life. we all had weird connections that made us kind of know each other. saturday, lane took canon to play outside for awhile while i went and got a pedicure! my mom had a gift certificate that expired on 3/1 and she can't get up in the chair yet to get one so she let me use it :) i love, love me a pedicure! as lane was leaving town, lauren came to town. so we got to spend today with her. it was a short trip, but all the extra help this weekend and time spent to myself was very refreshing, and now bring on the next few weeks!!!


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention Chloe got a cell phone and now holds the record for most "unnecessary" text in a day.

Lauren said...

Still gonna get you for the picture...just wait for it. It was great to hang out yesterday. Love yall!

kyle and megan said...

glad that ledger is better! the rest of you all hang in there! it's really hard to get in the doctor right now, but when i finally did, i got a Z-pac and felt better almost instantly! hope you can find some relief!

Lisa said...

I'm glad Ledger is doing better. Hope the rest of you feel better soon! We miss you and the boys!