3 months old...

my sweet, ledger,

my word. you are going to have to slow time down. it's flying by, and you change a little more each day! i don't even know where february went. motherhood does really strange things to you. like, for instance, i want you to stay a new baby forever, but at the same time, i get so excited to see you in all your new stages. it makes me anxious to see what little person you will become.

here's what you've been up to...
  • your little personality is really developing. you are so pleasant...very laid-back, but happy as can be! you are very generous with your smiles. when you smile you smile with your whole body. it makes you squirmy! you love when people talk to you. my favorite times with you are when you just "talk" away. you have found your voice and you love it! it's a sweet, high-pitched voice.
  • speaking of a sweet voice, you are so close to laughing. it's looks like you are, but you don't let the noise out. you have a couple of times, and it's awesome!
  • you are such a strong baby. you love to stand up. when someone tries to sit you on their lap, you arch your back until they stand you up! you also love to kick your legs when you're in your swing (or anywhere, really). a few days after you turned 2 months, you started rolling from your tummy to your back. the doctor said you weren't supposed to do that until you were 4 months. you're still a bit of a wobble head, but you have pretty good control most of the time.
  • as far as playing, you are really noticing your toys. we put a bunch of links on your carseat and swing. it's fun to watch you work at grabbing them. you've figured out the game though, and can easily get one. sometimes your hands get stuck in them. we have no idea how you do that. you like to play on your mat. it has a mirror on one of the corners. we put you on your tummy in front of it, and you watch yourself! of course, mommy, daddy and brother make silly games up to make you smile. you like to play patty-cake and get zerberts.
  • you still enjoy bathtime. it makes you so relaxed. sometimes, though, you let your excitement out and go crazy kicking your little legs. i think you'll be a splasher! canon can't wait to be able to play with you in the bath. he likes to bring lots of his toys in while i'm bathing you and throw them in the water :)
  • sleeping has been an up and down challenge this month. my goal was to have you sleeping 8 hours by 3 months. for the first part of the month, you were on a 3-5-3 schedule (over 12 hours) that worked for me. then you reached that goal for a few nights, only to get sick and resort to every 2 hours (which you've never done!). once your better, i get to re-train you.
  • you are still sleeping in your pack-n-play in mommy and daddy's room. we finally retired the wedge because you were so strong that you would push yourself up the wedge and your head would fall off and get stuck. you still like to be swaddled, but when you wake up looking for food, you work and arm out and start chewing on it.
  • you don't take a passy. i'm still holding out hope that you will! i already bought really cute ones :) but, you do know how to work your fist. it's amazing that you can fit so much of your hand in that tiny mouth.
  • you had yucky rsv this month :( it started with a cough and congestion then progressed to fever and wheezes. after a few trips to the doctor, you are doing breathing treatments around the clock. they don't seem to bother you to bad! we've learned that you are such a good sick-boy just like your daddy and brother. as long as we're not sucking your nose out, you are a content baby. it was sad when you would wake up choking while you were sleeping.
  • for the past 2 weeks we have been staying with gram to help her after her surgery. you have loved all the attention. you like to watch the olympics at night with her. you've gone on several playdates with pops and oomah. i'm so thankful for everyones help with you boys!
  • you are still wearing 3-6 month clothes. i'm already buying clothes for summer and they're 6-12 months!! that just blows my mind that you will be that big so soon. you are so different from your big brother!
  • you are in size 2 diapers. although, they are becoming increasingly smaller each day! we have so many boxes of size 2 that i will have to exchange them for 3's soon. you and brother will be able to share diapers :) since you were born, we have yet to buy diapers for either of you...thank you, jesus!
  • a few days before you turned 3 months, you weighed 14 lbs 6 oz. i love all your rolls, you rock solid boy! you do mommy's arms some good :)
i'm amazed at how much you've changed in only a few short months (click here and here to compare), but i so look forward to the next few months and all you'll learn to do! we love you more than anything, and feel so blessed that god chose you for us. i love you, sweet boy!



Amy said...

What sweet pictures! Sad how they grow so fast huh? I heard a speaker last night say their youngest is graduating HS this spring and they will have an empty nest soon. He said if he could go back in time, he would carry his kids more through the mall. He would always say "he was tired and couldn't carry them". It really hit me. I plan on holding my boys a lot more. The time goes by fast is what everyone tells me...I see their baby stages went my fast.

kyle and megan said...

how sweet!! although i just met you, i can tell that you are such a great mom!!