today canon and i made a cake for lane. we called it the "thanks for working so hard for us" cake. honestly, i was just craving my favorite cake combo, yellow cake with chocolate icing!! canon was excited. he loves to help cook!

i think he thought the mixer was a toy. i propped the motor on the side of the bowl and it made a funny sound while shaking his arm. he was pretty amused!

our finished product. look how proud he is! i cut a heart out of wax paper and laid it on top so we could make a heart. he went crazy with the sprinkles! that's definitely his favorite part.

i called lane and told him canon had a surprise for him. he ran home for a couple of minutes so i could lay canon down and cut into the cake myself!

we love you, lane!


Lauren said...

Canon, my birthday is coming up and I need a cake! It looks like you know how to make great ones! Love you!

Amy said...

How sweet! He's such a little baker isn't he?

Aunt Chloe said...

If Canon makes a cake for lauren he should make one for me too.