• i am terrible at shrinking sweaters. i always forget they're in the wash then mindlessly throw the wash in the dryer. lane has had 2 sweaters die the fatal death this year, and now i can add 2 of mine to the same grave...boo. they were ones i got for christmas, too. i actually cried when i realized it.
  • is it ghetto that if we want to see ourself in a full-length mirror, we have to stand on our front porch and use our screen door as the "mirror"? i did this today to see how bad said sweaters were shrunk. sadly, it wasn't the first time either. we only have one little mirror in our bathroom. when i was big and pregnant, i would hoist myself up on the edge of the tub just so i could see how big i was.
  • i made another boo-boo. i shook the tea pitcher while the lid wasn't closed. it got all over the floor and cabinets...again...in less than a weeks time. it was sweet (sugar) tea, too. our poor kitchen will never be the same.
  • all of the above happened in about 5 minutes time.
  • we are headed to ciy believe with our jr high students tonight and tomorrow. we took canon to muskogee this morning. looking forward to an awesome weekend with crazy kids!

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