crazy day...

...that actually started off calm!

canon and i tried to get the house in order this morning. he was attached to my hip all morning! he wasn't fussy just wanted to be with his mama. lane came home about 2 so i could run a couple of errands while the boys napped. lane took my broom to help some people move yesterday, and forgot it. so my first stop was hobby lobby. i had a gift card there and my mom had mentioned that they had some cute printed brooms. i LOVE hobby lobby. i could wander around for hours in there!
then i went to wal-mart. well, first i stopped at starbucks :) i've never been a fancy coffee girl, but i had a white chocolate mocha there a couple of weeks ago that's was amazing. so far my birthday money has bought me 2! wal-mart is actually kind of enjoyable when i'm able to take my time without crying babies!!

so the crazy part started when i got home. lane came out to help me get groceries. when i walked in, ledger was screaming because it was time to eat. we walked in the kitchen to set everything down. in a matter of half a second, lane dropped a 2 liter of pop that spewed everywhere. it was on the ceiling, cabinets, walls, blinds, behind stuff, around angles that you wouldn't think. i freaked out because i must have looked at it right when it happened. it got in my eyes and i kept saying, "it's burning. i can't see." and all lane could do was laugh! he said it was such a mess that it was hilarious! i had to go take a shower because i was soaked. i ended up cleaning the blinds for 1 1/2 hours. lane wiped the walls and ceilings then the floor. i steam mopped the floors twice. i didn't think we would ever get the sticky up!
this pic doesn't do the mess justice..
on a side note, we had a yummy lemon-pepper rotisserie chicken from walmart for dinner. they are only $4 and could easily feed a family of 4! it would have been a healthy dinner along with the steamed broccoli except for the fact that i smothered it in cheese sauce and ate biscuits and jam...oh well. it was delicious nonetheless!

lane went to a movie with some guys tonight, and i'm catching up on bachelor! lane won't watch it with me. have a good night!


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

Oh my...you probably handled that mess much better than I would have! :) Josh won't watch The Bachelor with me either. Usually I have to save it for the next day, but he fell asleep early tonight, so I turned it on!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Lane didn't dive on the bottle like a grenade on the battlefield and spare the mess! He's slackin'!

Amy said...

I have done that before. I have even done it with milk. That leaves a sticky mess. BTW, white chocolate mocha is my fave at SB.