an official chunker...

today was ledger's 2 month checkup. i was so anxious to see how much he weighed. i knew it was way more than canon at that age! mr. chunker weighed in a whopping 13lbs 12oz (95th percentile) and was 25" (52 percentile) long. canon at 2 months weighed 11lb 1oz (50th percentile) and was 22 1/4" (25th percentile)...quite the difference!

this august, the doctor we had seen since canon was born left unexpectedly. we loved our office so much that we decided to stay and see another doctor. a year ago we had to see the nurse practioner while our doctor was out. i loved her. well, today we saw her again, and now that our old doctor is out of the picture, i love the np all the more. i'm going to switch the boys to start seeing her.

anyway, ledger looks good. she was impressed with his head strength and ability to already roll over. he has a slight umbilical hernia but nothing that will require surgery at this time. he also has really dry skin. we bought some aquaphor ointment to coat him in. other than that, nothing to report!

after the doctor, ledger and i went to david's bridal. i had to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress for our friend, cana's, wedding. she and dennis are getting married at the end of july. we then trekked across the street to babies r' us to swap size 1 diapers for size 2. after a stop at target for a a couple items, we went home.

he was a good baby on our little outing. i love to spend time with my boys! i tried a new receipe tonight called bruschetta chicken bake. it was so easy and yummy. i've been in such a rut lately that it was nice to find something we can add to the rotation!

we're so excited that the last season of LOST starts tonight. i've been a faithful follower since the very first night it aired then when lane and i got married, we bought the first 2 seasons on dvd so he could catch up. we didn't get to watch it last season because we didn't get abc on our converter box. so the last 2 nights we've watched hours of it to catch up! we're watching the last episode right now...yay!

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Lauren said...

What a little chunk. I love it! I'm glad you figured out his belly button thing...a little scary. :)