a day at the mall...

today was another busy day! my house is out of control, but the good news is that there's a 100% chance of rain tomorrow so we won't be going anywhere. we were supposed to have lunch with my sweet friend, jenny tomorrow, but when i got up i had a message saying she'd be in tulsa today instead. i'm convinced it doesn't matter how much time i give myself to get me and the boys and everything else we'll need ready. we consistently run late, and it drives me crazy! anyways, we met jenny, selah (3 1/2) and baby titus (5 months) at the mall food court. i had chick-fil-a! i had fed canon lunch before we left the house, but he decided to eat only one fry and dip it repeatedly in my sauce...it was everywhere. it actually wasn't too chaotic with four little ones! my son decided to start disobeying in the end. it was awesome to catch up with her. she's such a great mom and friend!

i had a few errands in the mall to run after lunch. the boys needed new pj's. lane likes them to only wear footie pj's since we sleep with it pretty cold. canon won't stay under his blankets nor will he keep socks on his feet. i love children's place pj's. they're cute and really durable and reasonably priced. you get 3 pair for $24 plus i had a 15% off coupon. so of course i got matching pj's! i'm kind of going crazy with this matching stuff lately. i had to buy ledger size 6-9 month...couldn't believe it. my sweet canon got more size 18 month. he's been wearing that size from there since last may.

my new favorite store is ann taylor loft...way more casual than original ann taylor. they have amazing sales. my sister told me that they were having a sale where you got an additional 50% off on sale items, and you know i have that birthday money burning a hole in my pocket!! my boys were so over the mall and so ready for a nap by this point. i was browsing the sale rack with ledger screaming when the sales lady basically took him from my arms. i told her he was hungry and tired. she told me to go in the big handicap dressing room and feed him. she was super nice, but i'm pretty sure she knew if he didn't calm down, chances are i'd leave without buying something! i bought 2 shirts and by the look of them, i guess im into neutrals :) not the most flattering color, but that's ok because lane and i committed today to train for a 5k...that's a whole nother post!
i was worn out when we got home. it's a lot lugging that big 'ol double stroller in and out of the van along with babies and bags. the boys were worn out to. it felt good though just being out with my sweet boys!


QuitHasslinMe said...

Whoo Hoo! Training for a 5k! I am excited for you!

Lauren said...

I like the pj's, shirts and the fact that your gonna start running. Sorry, but I'll believe it when I see! :D