4 months old...

hi ledger!

4 months old...can you believe it?? i can't! you are such a perfect fit in our family. it's hard to remember life without you! you are changing and growing and learning each day, and we love that we get front row seats to watch :)
here's what you've been up to...
  • you have such a unique little personality. you are a very laid-back, happy baby, but when you get excited (or mad), you are LOUD! you have a million different expressions. you like to keep us laughing by going through them one after the other. you have a 3 second maximum for each expression! our favorite one is when you put your bottom lip out as far as you can before you cry. daddy says you could perch a bird on it. he also says that you learned that from mommy.
  • you also love to talk. gone are the soft baby coos. now you like to squeal and squawk at the top of your lungs. you have lots to tell people, little boss man. but you always remember to flash a smile when you're finished giving us the what for. i think you get that charming gene from your dad...and brother :)
  • you have become affectionately known as "drool boy". it was almost over night, but one morning the waterworks began. you have the cutest, biggest bottom lip where drool loves to come pouring off of it.
  • you have discovered your mouth and love to put anything and everything in it. it's so fun for canon to bring you little toys. he puts them in your hand and you put them instantly in your mouth. we have links hanging on everything for you!
  • you also love to chew on your fingers/fist or suck on your blanket. it's how you soothe yourself. i keep trying to get you to take a passy but you push it out with your tongue or keep it in your cheek. canon, though, was 4 months when he finally started taking one so i guess there's still hope!
  • playtime has evolved big time for you this month! we have pulled out all the fun baby toys. you play in the exersaucer, the johnny jump up, and even sit in your bumbo. of course, there are toys attached to all of these that you can put in your mouth! i think you are finally outgrowing the swing because you are so stinking strong. as soon as i put you in there, you arch your back and slide out.
  • you still lay on your play mat and play with your animal friends. that's where you do tummy time. although, it's not so much tummy time anymore since as soon as we put you on your stomach you flip over to your back. last night, i had you on your back, and a couple minutes later looked down and you had flipped to your tummy! it's only a matter of time before you start rolling everywhere :)
  • you have a lovely bald spot on the back of your head that you've gotten from being on your back. your hair is also lightening up and thinning out. i won't mention names, but a couple people asked if you had gotten a hair cut!!
  • you are so solid and so rollie and we love it! your body is straight down and you're a perfect cylinder except for that fat that squeezes around your diaper. my favorite rolls are your ankle rolls! they're so yummy!
  • you still enjoy bathtime. you don't cry but you also don't smile either. you just relax. i have caught you a couple of times kicking your feet and splashing! canon can't wait until you can sit up and take a bath with him!
  • you've started not enjoying your car seat as much. you're fine as long as we're moving, but if you're tired, there's nothing we can do to calm you. you like to be in your own bed to sleep...just like your brother!
  • your sleep schedule has changed this month a little. i feed you between 8 and 9 then lay you down. i then get you up around 1130 before i go to sleep. you eat and go right back down. i've been trying to ween you from your 4 o'clock feeding so when i lay you down at 1130, i don't pick you up again until at least 7. i feed you then we sleep until around 9 and start our day. you had a couple of nights of crying for over an hour, a couple of 20-30 minutes, and most nights you might fuss for a couple of minutes then fall back asleep. we've learned 2 thing through letting you cry it out: you are really loud when you're mad and you have stamina!
  • your nap schedule has also changed a bit. you are ready to go back down about an hour after being "up for the day". you'll sleep around 1 1/2-2 hours. then eat, play for an hour, and lay back down for 2-3 hours. you get up eat, and will stay up a couple hours then take a 45 minute-1 hour nap around 6.
  • you nurse 6 times a day, and you're still a big eater!
  • you still let me swaddle you when i lay you down. you don't stay swaddled since you are a mover, but you're wrapped up just enough to feel secure but able to get an arm out to suck on it!
  • you are officially in size 3 diapers...just like your big brother! i have half of a package of size 2's left, but it's really not worth the mess an explosion makes. we'll just save them for the next baby :)
  • you can still wear your 3-6 month clothes, but they look young on you. i just bought all your spring/summer clothes and they are 6-12 months and a few shirts are 12-18 months...once again, just like big brother!
you go to the doctor in a few days so i'm anxious to know your stats. i can't tell you how much joy you bring to each of us! we love you and thank god for you each day, sweet boy! thank you for being a blessing to us :)



Lauren said...

I do love that chubby kid....so freakin cute! I promise I won't ask about his haircuts anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

Every time I read about Ledger I think ... He is JUST like Zeke! I guess that isn’t too surprising since they are so close in age. Seriously, I can't wait to meet him . . . next time we are in Tulsa we should plan a visit!