our weekend...

this past weekend, lane went to dallas for a guys trip so me and the kids took off to muskogee friday morning. i'm still a fraidy cat to stay overnight by myself :) the school lane and i went to has a "jericho walk" each year. it's a fundraiser where you walk 7 miles and you get people to sponsor you per mile. my sister and brother-in-law still go to boulevard. chloe asked me a couple of months ago if me and the boys would walk it with her. it worked out that we were going to be in town anyway. we only walked half of it since i didn't know how the boys would do. well, they did great...they both enjoy being outside. ledger napped and canon just rode along happily. mama on the other hand struggled with pushing the stroller up hill most of the way over rough terrain, but we finally arrived at the park. canon enjoyed playing on the jungle gym and visiting with the ducks. ledger enjoyed his friend, alexa. we went to school with her mom. alexa is 3 weeks younger and, oh so, petite. she weighs 4 pounds less than ledger!

rian, mariah, and chloe
ledger and cool cat, canon
ledger and alexa
friday night, canon and ledger went to oomah's and pop's house to play. canon gets excited when he sees their house. ledger got to meet nana and papa, dawn's parents, also. mom and i went to eat at our most favorite place, jincey's. it's a quaint, hole-in-the-wall with the best home-cooking!

saturday morning, we decided to go to the azalea parade. it's one of my favorite things to do each year. we had beautiful weather all weekend, too. we got there an hour and a half early to get a parking spot where we could just get out of the car and sit there. we packed snacks and chairs, and had fun waiting for it to start. canon was entertaining us. he's becoming mr. independent!

he did not care for the 30 minute show the shriners put on with all the clowns and loud cars and bikes...neither did we. it's never ending! he stayed close and kept putting my hand over his ears. ledger didn't mind any of it!

canon did enjoy some parts of it...waving, horses, and candy! he loved waving to the kids on the floats. he also figured out when they threw candy, he was to collect it!

sunday, we went to church with my mom at my home church. it was nice seeing everyone. it was a fun weekend, but we were ready for daddy to get home. it's amazing how much you depend on someone and when they're not there, you feel it!

BTW...i realize i've been terrible at blogging lately!

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Amy said...

The more kids I had the more of a headache it was for us to travel to my family when Wyatt would leave on a trip. I now find it easier just to stay home and do it all myself. I always loved Wyatt more when he was home since we make a good team. Glad you live close so it isn't that big of a deal to travel.

The Jericho Walk was one thing I never did. I really never wanted to go...I always wanted to do my school work to make sure I could graduate on time.