happy 2nd birthday, canon...

my sweet, sweet little man,

how on earth have 2 years already passed since the day my life was changed forever?? you have been such an incredible blessing to our family. when we found out we were pregnant with you, i was unsure yet filled with joy. a weird combination, but becoming a mommy seemed like a daunting life change. when we found out you were a boy, i was scared yet felt peace. i didn't know how to do boys. daddy gave me advice that i still remember so clearly today. he said all you have to do with boys is give them a stick, put them in the backyard, and leave the rest to the imagination. i remember thinking is it really that simple? yep it is. when we finally met you on that wonderful day 2 years ago, i felt a complete calm. it was a fit. me being a mommy and you being my sweet baby! the past 2 years have been the best ever :) this is what i was created to do, i'm convinced of it! it doesn't hurt that you are the best son a mommy could ask for! thank you for bringing so much joy and love and laughter and tenderness and boy-ness and rambunction and sweetness into our lives everyday. i love that i get to spend my days with you. i love that i get to kiss you goodnight everynight. i love getting to watch you learn new things and master old things. i love you, canon! there's nothing you could ever do to make daddy and i love you less. our prayer for you is that you would recklessly fall in love with jesus, love his people, and be a kingdom worker. thank you for the best 2 years ever. here's to many more, sweet boy!

here's a little glimpse into your sweet, 2 year old life :)
  • your favorite toys are blocks, balls, drums, anything that can be drum sticks, your basketball goal, frisbees, stuffed animals and cell phones. you love to play. and you love even more to play outside! as soon as daddy gets home form work, you want to play with him in your playroom or outside. y'all make up silly games!
  • your favorite shows are handy manny, mickey mouse clubhouse, my friends tigger and pooh, barney and wheel of fortune. you do the cute hot dog dance at the end of mickey mouse. you also love to clap for the contestants on wheel of fortune. you watched your first feature film this past month-toy story! you loved it. you are now obsessed with all things woody and buzz.
  • your favorite foods are strawberries, oatmeal, cereal, grilled cheese, yogurt, ravioli, macaroni and cheese, blueberries, bananas, lima beans, sweet potatoes, and any kind of bread. you are pretty picky, but have gotten better since you've gotten teeth. you only had 4 teeth until 2 months ago. now you have 15!! your eating tendencies have been my biggest frustration as a mom.
  • you love your family. you have been the best big brother. you love ledger and are very concerned when he's crying. you like to bring him his blankie and toys. i can't think of any instances where you've shown jealousy. you love your extended family just as much. your grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles love you to pieces and you love for them to come play with you. you also adore your cousin ella. you can even say her name.
  • you "talk" all day long, but don't say many words. you say mama, dad, edge (ledger), up, down, help, ash (passy), i ove ooh (i love you), uh..oooh...eee( 1,2,3). that's about it on a consistent basis. you are very willing to try words, but they don't always sound like what we are trying to get you to say. that's all right. you will talk in your own time! you have the sweetest, deepest voice. you also say what animals say. you know cows, pigs, snakes, tigers/lions/dinosaurs, dogs, cats, ducks, and sheep.
  • you are still a good sleeper. you got to bed around 8, and wake between 8 and 9. you take a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon. however, if you miss a nap, you still do great! you are such a flexible little boy. you are so sweet each night. daddy likes to put you to bed at night. it's your special time. he puts your jammies on, then brings you out to give mommy and brother a kiss, then he rocks you for a little bit, then lays you down and you go to sleep!
canon, i can't tell you enough how much i love you! i look forward to watching you grow and learn new things this next year. i thank jesus that he allowed you to be my sweet boy! happy birthday :)


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