my sanity...

...a route 44 ice water with 4 lemons! each day, plans or no plans, we load up in the van around 10:30 and go through the drive-thru for my sonic water. the sonic people know me and the boys by this point :) it's such a cheap "luxury"...a simple pleasure. i justify it by 1) only being 0.27 cents, 2) it's uber good for me (body and mind!), and 3) it's not the $3.74 mocha that was my thing 4 months ago! since i'm nursing, it's soooo important that i drink tons of water. the beauty of getting a water is that it lasts all day. once i finish it off, i usually refill 3-4 times during the day and it still contains all of its lemony goodness!

i first fell in love with my "poor man's" coke back in high school while working at the tanning salon. every day before going into work, i would get a sonic lemon water. i even got some of the girls that worked there to do the same thing. believe it or not, it was 0.27 cents then, too! after having ledger, i went back to my old addiction.

now that you know my secret, you may want to make it your own, but be careful, preparing it may not sound as easy as the name. i've had several "new" people who i guess are amateurs to fixing my drinks. i go to see if my lemons were squeezed and found my water foamy instead. they said they added lemon syrup instead...yuck! you know it's going to be a good cup of water when there's enough but not too much ice, all 4 lemons have been squeezed thoroughly, and you have the big straw.

enjoy :)


kyle and megan said...

i may have to steal another one of your ideas, lol! i can only drink water because of all the UTIs and i'm getting so tired of it! this would be a nice change!

beth said...

Good tip. My kids beg to go to Sonic every day after school. $1.08 sounds more do-able than $5 for slushies (and more healthy too).