i love being a mom...

for so many reasons! i have always wanted to be a mom. honest moment: i played with dolls until i was 12! i decided to be a nurse in jr high only because i needed a college plan, but i knew in my heart i would only be a nurse until i was a mom.

i am so blessed to be a SAHM. i'm thankful that lane values this as much as i do. nothing against moms that work, they have it so much harder i feel, and some have no choice. i can't imagine managing a family, keeping house, and having to work on top of all that!

it is so amazing that i get to hang out with my boys all day. i love seeing all their new tricks first. i love when they wake up happy after a nap. i love that i get to tend to al their needs. i love that i get to kiss canon everytime he hurts himself. i love my boys.

if you would've told me 3 years ago on mother's day that i would have 2 sweet babies in 2010, i'm not sure i would have believed you. when i think of 2 babies by the age of 23, it doesn't freak me out (which i guess i don't have a choice!)! i would not trade my life for anything. i don't feel like i'm missing out on anything!! i'm so overjoyed that god chose me to be these boys' mom. it's a daunting task, but i'm up for it. i have so many people supporting me!

have i mentioned i love being a boy mom? because i do! it's great.

happy mother's day to all of you super moms! the pictures below are of 2 of the most awesome days in my life. the days i met my boys :)


kyle and megan said...

so sweet! happy mother's day!

Anonymous said...

What does SAHM mean?

anxiously hopeful said...

You are a great mom to those sweet boys!

marry said...

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