look who's sitting up...

just in the past week, ledger has started officially sitting up!! 2 whole months before canon did. he's been rolling all over the place for the past few weeks so it's safe to say my life just got a bit busier with this busy body :)
he started sitting up, but after about 20 seconds would fall back or to the side then roll away. i love how he doesn't feel pain or get upset yet. i have no idea when the sense of fear kicks in, but for now he falls and keeps going! we got new carpet about a week ago just in time for him to stop falling over...ha.
as you can tell by the pics, he loves his toes. if he's sitting up, he's holding them. if he's laying down, he's holding them. bathing, playing, riding in the car...doesn't matter.
canon loves how ledger has started interacting with him. he used to just stare at him, but now he laughs at canon and grabs at him. i hate to be the one to tell canon that i think ledger just wants to chew on him!
and just for kicks because they're both so darn cute! i have to admit that everytime they coordinate or match, i snap a picture before heading out the door...
now for an action shot of the ledge....

take #1 take #2

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