we had a playdate with our sweet friend, ezekiel aka zeke this week! his mommy and daddy came, too :) david grew up in highland park's youth group and went to ozark after graduation where he met elizabeth. it was actually our first time to meet him. zeke was born 2 weeks before ledger, and as you can tell the are a couple of chunky monkies. look at zeke's awesome second chin :)

we kept telling canon that brother's friend was going to come play. canon was a bit riled up. he walked up to ledger and just knocked him over. he was rough in giving the babies toys. can we say little man syndrome?! it was a nice little visit! hope to see you guys again before you move!

and just for fun, a picture of how ledger spends most of his day! this kid spits up all the time :) canon never spit up, and now i'm having a hard time keeping clothes and the new carpet clean. another hygiene problem of ledger's is that he explodes in nearly every outfit he wears. his diapers fit but don't contain the contents. hoping solids helps that situation :)

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C R said...

I could not love the second pic of Ledger more! Love the cheeks.

The spit-up thing...Ugh. When the twins were babies, I literally covered the carpet every day in old comforters and quilts. When he starts eating solids it is hard to get the orange spit up out of the carpet.