wild wednesday...

on monday, we got a notice on our door from the electric company saying that wednesday the power would be off from 9-3 while they replaced a pole. i knew that with the highs forcasted in the upper 80' this week, we'd have to hang out somewhere with a/c. fast forward to this morning. i got up and showered, made canon's oatmeal, filled his cups with drinks for the day, and did whatever else would require electricity or an open refrigerator.

i guess i was expecting the power to cut off right at 9, but that wasn't the case. we got out of the house a little after 10, and it was still on. as we were pulling off our street, 2 big pso trucks turned in. i'm pretty sure though that it was never turned off because none of my clocks were messed up. nevertheless, we had a fun, full day spent out!

i mainly used the time to finish up getting supplies for canon's birthday party this weekend. i'm making a birthday banner that i will show you after i finish. i hope it turns out. they're so cute! we hit up michael's and hobby lobby first. i could browse hobby lobby for hours. i love that store!

we then headed to the mall. as soon as we pulled in the parking lot, it started lightening and thundering like crazy with big 'ol rain drops so i fed ledger. when it seemed like it had let up, i got us out of the car, and underestimated the blowing rain. we were soaked by the time we got inside. i checked out gap, of course, then we headed to the food court for a mommy/sons date :) thank goodness for a trusty sonic! we had our usual...a grilled cheese wacky pack with tots and a cranberry limeade and a corndog. canon ate the grilled cheese. i ate the rest! i also packed blueberries for him, but he wasn't interested.

we then went to journey's to check out some shoes for canon. i swear he's hit a growth spurt...thank you jesus! his shirts seem short, his shorts need the adjustable waist loosened, and his shoes are too small. i debated whether or not to let him play in the malls play area. they were both sooo tired, but i knew canon would love it and probably get a second wind. he did! it was so nice and clean. all of the toy things are hard foam...perfect for toddlers! he loved watching all the "big" kids. after about 10 minutes of observing and staying close, he warmed up and became a crazy man! he even made a few friends. he seems sooo small compared to other kids that i figured to be around his age (probably younger). at first, he wouldn't look at the camera. he was either too busy watching the kids or he was way embarrassed that his mom would actually pull out a camera :) thank you, jesus, that he's not to the age where he throws a fit when its time to go. all i had to say was, "say bye-bye to the toys!", and he left peacefully!

they loved riding in the elevator. it was a long day and i figured they would take a great nap. i was wrong. ledger passed out. canon talked for an hour so he's hanging out with me right now!
love spending time with my boys.

canon modeling his birthday shoes! so handsome :)

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Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

Sounds like a fun day out on the town! I wish I lived in a city where I could have that kind of day...maybe someday. :)