7 months old...

*when we get home, i'll post his 7 month chair pics, but for now enjoy this sweet little pic daddy took :)

my sweet, sweet ledgie, you have got to be the sweetest baby to ever grace this earth. we love you to pieces and are so thankful for you! this has been the best month with you :) here's a little of what you've been up to:
  • i would no longer call you laid-back. easy going, yes, but definitely not laid-back! you are one loud talking, busy body :) you have had me hopping this past month.
  • you love to talk. especially while you're eating and i'm not getting food to your mouth fast enough! you babble in a sing-song voice. you are so close to saying dada/baba...maybe next month.
  • you don't know a stranger, but i'm definitely your buddy. as soon as i walk in a room, you spot me and want me to hold you. i don't mind one bit!
  • your still a cuddler when your sleepy, but otherwise, you like to move.
  • you've mastered sitting up from laying down and crawling this month. it's so funny to see your little self crawl across the room. you're fast! just this week, you've started sitting on your knees in front of a table or furniture and trying to pull up on it. you're still shaky standing up on your own, but i have a feeling next month, this will be your new thing. it amazes me how fast you're reaching developmental milestones :)
  • you finally are content playing by yourself now that you're mobile. you and brother also "play" more now that you can interact better.
  • you have a fake cough that's hilarious. you do it all the time and loudly!
  • you think your brother hung the moon. i love that you love him so much and he loves you just as much. he has never shown any signs of being anything but loving (except this week when i walked in to find him bonking you on the head with a bat!). he can always get a smile out of you.
  • you love to "wrestle" with daddy and canon. all 3 of you get on the blow-up bed and wrestle. canon lays on you. you crawl on top of canon. daddy rolls you from side to side. you suck on daddy's face. that's how y'all roll!
  • you have the sweetest belly laugh ever. it can be anything that sets you off, but the favs are stuffed dogs, inflatable lions, ticklish ribs and a doting big brother.
  • you love to eat! there isn't anything you've tried that you don't care for, except for the oatmeal by itself which i don't blame you on that one! you've had avocado, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, apples, bananas, and pears. mommy has been making all your food. it has saved us so much money and makes me feel good knowing that its fresh.
  • you eat 3 times a day, 2-3 cubes (each cube is an ounce) at each feeding. since you need lots of iron but you weren't wanting to eat your oatmeal, i've started mixing oatmeal in with each meal. it's pretty much flavorless and gives you what you need. you still nurse 5 times a day, and have been nothing but a pro at it. i love that special time with you!
  • you are learning to drink water out of a sippy cup. you also are taking a bottle much better than in the past. you like your paci as well, but not as much as canon!
  • you have developed into a great sleeper. you've been sleeping in your own room, but are going to make the switch into brother's room with him this next week. when we aren't home, y'all sleep in the same room and do great.
  • you go down around 8pm each night and sleep until 7 or 8, nurse, and go back down until 10ish. somedays you can go without a morning nap, but sometimes, after being up for 45 minutes or so, you're ready to go back down. you almost always lay down between 1:30 and 2 for an afternoon nap. you and brother take a 2-3 hour nap then...thank you!! you almost always like to lay down again around 5:30 or 6 for a little bit.
  • you love bathtime, although i'm pretty sure it's the most stressful time of my day now. you won't lay down in the bath tub, but it's so slippery and you go crazy so it's hard for you to sit up. you've taken a few dives, but it doesn't seem to phase you! you also love the swimming pool.
  • i'm certain you will be my adventurous child. you may look just like me, but you got your daddy's care-free, dare-devil gene!
  • you wear a size 4 diaper. you have graduated from explosions...hallelujah! you crack me up because you are no where near being constipated, but by your facial expressions and the color your face gets, you would think you were trying to move a mountain.
  • you wear 12-18 month size clothes. you wear a size 2 shoe.
you are such a fun, happy baby. you bring so much joy to our family and those around you. happy 6 months, sweet boy! love, mommy xoxo

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Mallory Vanderveer said...

This picture is so precious!!
He wears 12-18 mo clothing at 7 mo? What a big boy!!
I can't believe how fast it goes.
I love reading how much Canon and Ledger gets along, it makes me excited for Haddie and Eden!