pool bums...

this weekend we've been in arkansas visiting some family and have had access to a pool. this was our first time in a "big" pool this summer. we frequent our blow-up pool often! i'm sure it's this hot every year, but for some reason, i don't remember the humidity being as bad as this year. it's so oppressive as soon as you walk outside. i also have two of the biggest sweaters ever!
the next couple of pictures are evidence of the pulling up mentioned in the previous post! my word, this boy needs to slow down and let me enjoy him as a baby a little longer!

my sweet, canon is not a fan of the pool. he loves water and LOVES baths, but bless his little heart, it took a long time for him to warm up to the pool. aunt lala played lots of fun games with him to be comfortable with it, but he's stubborn and knows what he does and doesn't like!
ledger's first experience with the pool was great. he's definitely a fan! he loved floating in his seat or being swung around in the water.

mamie and gram with the boys. (btw, canon's "cheese" face is killing me. in EVERY picture, he makes that silly grin. i love that we will always remember this stage of his life by looking through pictures)

the step was canon's hang out spot. he was stubborn and bossy while hanging out on his little perch!
i learned so much about their unique personalities. i just smile thinking about how different they are, but that they fit so well together at the same time. canon is very cautious and ledger was ready to dive in...nothing scares that boy! they both have infectious personalities, though, and an amazing love for each other. thankful for their differences and similarities :)

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