new floors and doors...

i forgot i had this as a draft...so here it is! last month we got new carpet:) we were so excited and it couldn't have been at a better time. it was just as ledger was learning to sit up. he had a couple of hard falls on the wood floors, but he's tough! when we looked at this house to buy, it had awful, smelly carpet that they were planning on replacing as soon as there was a contract. while looking at it, lane pulled up a corner of it and saw that it had it's original hardwoods still. we had really wanted hardwoods.
so in our contract we asked if instead of buying carpet, would the seller refinish the hardwoods and she agreed. long story short, they did an awful job. they didn't even do it the correct way. the seller had also just put tile down the hallway. after a long, cold winter and ridiculous heating bills (partly due to the crawl space), we decided we needed carpet, especially with babies on the floor all the time!
also, the way the tile intruded into the living room made it feel a lot smaller. lane and couple pf guys pulled up the tile one night .the boys and i left town since we didn't know what the condition of the floor was under the tile. there was also lots of dust and we would have to be out of the way when they laid it.
this is what we came home to!
it made the room feel soooo much bigger and, also, more home-y! i feel like we already spend so much more time on the floor. the one down side to the carpet...i've become a nazi about no shoes or spilling! i even have a sign on the front door asking people to take their shoes off. all i can think of is what i walk on in the target bathroom...yuck! i don't want that tracked in and have ledger crawl around in it. anyway, we love the new floor!
this next project came about because of the carpet. our old door (which was really old and had a cat door in it) wouldn't open because our new carpet was so wonderfully thick. so we headed off to lowes in search of a door. oh, that blessed door. little did we know that when you buy a door there are no holes in it. we...and by we, i mean lane :)...had to drill a door knob hole and chisel out places for the hinges. the bad part was that both of his drill batteries were almost dead so we could only do a bit at a time. we also had to lob off a 1/2" from the bottom so the new door could open!
so after many hours of drilling and painting...here it is!


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

I love the look of clean, vacuumed carpet. And I love that door...very unique!

C R said...

Carpet is posh, but is it okay if i absolutely covet that door? It's cute.