shout out to japan...

our super cool cousins that are apart of an awesome church plant in japan gave the boys these shirts. caitlin knows how much i enjoy matching/coordinating their clothes!
supposedly, in japan, it's cool if you have english on your shirts. the only thing is, they aren't always gramatically correct.
these shirts say "let's enjoy your school life" with a big bus on the front! the bus is canon's favorite part. he kept pointing to it and grinning.
thanks, jay and cait, for thinking of our boys! we loved getting to see you guys and already miss y'all. it's never long enough :( we may just need to make a trip over there. now that would be awesome!

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Caitlin Greer said...

aww. this is so cute. I love your little guys. Thanks for posting this so i can see them in their shirts! i agree that it wasn't long enough and that you guys should come to japan! if you come before ledger turns 2, you don't have to buy him a plane ticket. food for thought :)

i love your blog. it's hilarious, cute, and straight up awesome.