good morning...

from my boys to you :)
canon insisted upon me taking pictures of him since the camera was on the table!
each morning for the past year, canon has had a bowl of regular flavor oatmeal with a baby food fruit mixed in for flavor. plus, it counts as a fruit serving for the day! just in the past couple of months, we've changed up the routine a bit and added cereal, pancakes, and fruit to the rotation.
ledger, on the other hand...
is a freaking disposal! his typical breakfast is either pears, apples or peaches mixed with baby oatmeal. he engulfs it! he doesn't care for the oatmeal by itself (mixed with milk or water) so in order for him to get the iron he needs each day, i mix in oatmeal flakes with EVERYTHING he eats.
just in the past week, whatever i'm eating, he wants. so he's tried rice, beans, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy...texture is not an issue with the boy!!
i love waking up with them. generally, they are in the best moods when they get up. i love feeding them their breakfast. our mornings are pretty laid-back if we don't have plans. i feel so blessed to get spend all my time with these sweet babies.

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Lauren said...

I love there little morning sleepy faces! So sweet!