weekend recap...

after spending another week in muskogee, we finally headed home friday evening. my mom came up here with me and we went to one (of like 3 we have on a rotation basis!) of our favorite restaurants...abuelos! afterwards, she came over and we spent the evening catching up on big brother and giving the boys baths. having a helper is wonderful! doing everything by myself is somewhat tiring!! friday night also marked only the second time i've slept in my house by myself. i didn't sleep much...ha!

saturday morning, we got up and headed to the airport to pick up lane. i had been telling canon about airplanes and the airport for a couple of days before, and he was excited. we hung out for probably 20 minutes and i'm pretty sure canon had the best time. he was running around and looking out the windows at the planes and waving at everyone and watching for his daddy. i guess since it's so hot outside, we'll go have a playday at the airport! we were all so excited to see lane! he on the other hand was very, very tired :) we went to breakfast at my favorite place in town...first watch. it's so good and so clean and the staff is wonderful (and clean themselves!).

saturday evening, we went over to our friends' house, the stewarts. it's such a wonderful time that we look forward to each week. seriously, it's so refreshing to me. and they always have really good food, too :)
another exciting thing that happened this past week was lauren and kyle getting engaged!! we're so excited for them! they were in napa valley this past week with kyle's mom, and he proposed to her at this beautiful, romantic winery. they flew in yesterday morning to spend the day with us. i didn't get alot of pictures, but be prepared to read about lots of wedding planning in the coming year. i can't believe it's been 5 years since we planned my own.

we had lunch at cheesecake factory then headed back to our house afterwards. my mom got lauren a bunch of bridal magazines, the movie the proposal, and some beautiful flowers. i told kyle to be prepared for lauren to get a bunch of gifts that he couldn't care less about. we had some yummy merritt's bakery treats for dessert. it was a wonderful, relaxing afternoon spent with the people i love most!

sunday evening, we had the privilege to help our sweet friend, shurabe, celebrate her first "gotcha day." her family brought her home a year ago, and my word, it's amazing to see how much she's changed and learned and grown this past year. i've loved having her in my sunday school class. alot of mornings, she's the only one! she has the sweetest spirit and most contagious smile. it amazes me how perfectly god puts families together. we got to try some ethiopian food, watch a video her daddy put together, and play an ethiopian game. i loved sharing that special time with them. ledger also loves miss shurabe!

what a full, blessed life we have! today, is recovery day...lots of cleaning, laundry, and resting :)


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

Congrats to Lauren on the engagement! I bet you'll have lots of fun helping to plan the wedding!

Lauren said...

I loved this post. Don't get too excited, but I have started to consider starting a blog to track all of my special days up until the big day....we will see!