9 months old...

hi ledgie,

welp. it's officially been a pregnancy's length of time since i first saw your beautiful face. i feel as if i'm closer to having just had you, but that's not the case. we've been together nearly 24/7 for 18 months now!
and i wouldn't have it any other way. i love spending every moment with you and your brother.

here's a little of what you've been up to:

  • your personality is amazing. you can be chill one moment then crazy (in a good way) the next. i like to say that your crazy side is you being deliriously happy! seriously, lots of squawking, cackling, bouncing, climbing, and drool. you rarely cry..mainly just when you're hungry or riding in the car for more than 10 minutes!!
  • you do not miss a meal. in fact, you eat your own meal then mooch off everyone else's plates. when you want someone's food, you stand next to them and fake cough...or holler really loud!
  • you nurse 4-5 times/day and eat 3 meals a day plus a little bit of everyone else's. i think you are over the mush. you want the real stuff. i can get half a bowl of mush down then i have to squeeze your cheeks to open your mouth to finish the bowl! your new big people foods that you like are mac-n-cheese and chicken strips.
  • you also experienced puffs and cheerios for the first time. you're getting pretty good at getting them into your mouth! even though there's no nutritious value to them, they entertain you!
  • you thoroughly enjoy your bath. i can't wait until you can play in the pool next summer. now, you just try to climb out and eat the grass.
  • speaking of eating things. you still put everything in your mouth. i am constantly fishing stuff out of your mouth. carpet fibers seem to be your fav non-food item :)
  • you cruise the furniture like a pro. this past week, you've been a bit brave and can stand alone for 3-5 seconds. when you let go, you stick both hands up in the air. you are the fastest crawler...ever i'm sure of it!
  • not much has changed in your sleep schedule, but we are currently cutting out your early morning feed because it kept getting earlier and earlier...which poses a problem when sharing a room with your brother!
  • you discovered your tongue! for the first few days, it just hung out of your mouth...so cute. then you discovered how to use your tongue. you are good at blowing rasberries...and spitting food!
  • you love to play. your favorite toys/activities are the tunnel/tent, knocking foam blocks over, riding in the cozy coupe, and chewing on any type of toy you can get in your mouth. when you play, you sit on your knees...one of my favorite things about you!
  • you wear size 12-18 months clothes and size 2 shoes. although, you are outgrowing them fast. this weekend we are shopping for fall clothes so you will move up a size.
  • you wear size 4 diapers.
you are such a sweet boy. i love watching you learn new things and recognize the faces that you love! you crawl to daddy when he walks in the door...he loves it. so do i. there's nothing you or your brother could ever do to make us love you less. i love you, sweet ledger!


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