boys' room...

this room is a work in progress, but probably the one that is closest to being finished. this was canon's room when we moved in. about 2 months ago, he moved to a big boy bed, and has done wonderful...haven't had any problems. in order for him to be able to climb into bed, we decided against a bed frame. a sweet girl in middle school was getting rid of her box spring so we took it. however, i was so tired of looking at that ugly material so i bought a twin-sized navy sheet and covered it. it looks 1000 times better. i always forget to take before/after pics :)

this was canon's bedding from babygap. i had originally found something at pottery barn kids, but after taking it home, i decided i liked the bright colors in this better. fast forward to canon moving out of the crib. in may, i just happened upon this big boy bedding at target. it matched almost perfectly. it did match our rug perfectly. i'm about to go ahead and get ledger one so they will match when he moves to a big boy bed. the sheets are also really similar in color and style to the crib sheet...thank you walmart.
this is the part where i have a few more things i would like to do. i found some green zebra fabric that i'm going to use to make a square pillow and applique a "c" on one and a "l" on the other in brown. i'm also wanting a bedside table that looks similar to wainscoting. the white wainscoting was already up in this room. on the left and right of the window to the left, i want to hang a big black and white canvas portrait of each baby.
until ledger's out of diapers, this area will stay the same. i have a tall dresser/armoire to replace this with when that transition occurs. i need to add a couple things to the little shelves with their animal print initials. also, need to change the hardware on the closet doors.
this is ledger's bed when he's behaving. his sleeping patterns haven't been great the past couple of weeks so he's in the spare room learning to sleep again :) so far, neither boy has learned to climb out. you can't see the space above the bed, but i'm in the works of getting a 20X24 canvas painted with a verse on it.
and here's one of the cute inhabitants of the room. he LOVES his big boy bed. we randomly find him sitting on his bed playing. he loves it so much that he doesn't get out of bed until we come get him. he'll lay there and just read books until we come get him up from a nap. except for this morning, around 6:30, i heard crying and a sweet, little hand knocking on the door to be let out.

that's it! i'll do a before/after post when it's all done. i have a couple of pics of pre-us decor :)

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