10 months old...

hi ledgie!!

happy 10 months! this has been the best month yet. each day with you is sweeter than the last :) thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter and love into our home.

here's a little of what you're up to:
  • you are a social baby. not the outgoing kind, but more of an observer. you love to watch people. your separation anxiety has definitely shown itself this month, though.
  • you have new tricks! you wave hi/bye-bye. you clap your hands...all the time. you click your tongue and smack your lips when we say kiss and make a kissy face at you. or you just lean in for a kiss! we are working on high-fives.
  • you can stand up in the middle of the floor while holding an object...like a big drum! you love to just stand there and clap. you attempt a step then collapse.
  • your absolute favorite thing in the world is eating! you make mama so proud! still nursing 4 times a day...like a pro. it makes me kind of sad knowing we only have a couple of months left. i haven't made baby food in awhile. the only "baby food" you eat is oatmeal mixed with unsweetened applesauce. other than that, you eat whatever we eat. it has made meal times so much easier. you love chicken, noodles, cheese, pizza and yogurt, but will eat just about anything. it's funny watching you "chew" it with your 2 little bottom teeth. you weighed 20lb 7 oz this month.
  • your sleeping great...finally!! bedtime around 8, sleep 12-13 hours then nurse and sometimes go back to bed. you take a 2 hour nap every afternoon. sometimes a 45 minute morning nap is thrown in depending on our schedule.
  • you had pneumonia this month and were pitiful for about a week. along with that was a serious case of diarrhea. the day we took you to the dr, she had us take you to the hospitals outpatient unit to get an iv so they could give you fluids and antibiotics since you were dehydrated too. they couldn't ever get an iv started after 5 tries, they just gave you IM antibiotics and sent us home to force pedialyte with a syringe. you were a good sick boy :(
  • you can entertain yourself well. your favorite toys are whatever brother's playing with! you put all toys in your mouth. most of the time, you're found playing with stuff that's not a toy and you shouldn't have. books are just starting to hold your attention.
  • it's finally fall and you're wearing 12-18 month toddler tops (gap) and 12 month bottoms. you wear a size 3 shoe, but not for long.
  • you wear a size 4 diaper.
i think you are the greatest baby. you have such a sweet spirit. i'm thankful god chose me to be your mom. i love you to the moon and back!



Lauren said...

Happy 10 months Ledgie! I love you so so much!

Anonymous said...

"to the moon and back"...that's a Savage Garden song....good song by the way!!
Happy 10 months Ledge!

Morgan said...

Such cute pictures!