vaseline mess...

so when my sister, chloe, was 2, she somehow got into a tub of vaseline and coated her cute, bob haircut with the greasy stuff. her hair looked so greasy for weeks. i remember how big of a deal it was and have dreaded something happening like that to my own kids. well, today it happened. because of my irresponsibility of leaving it on the coffee table last night, canon found it and thought he'd style his hair.
bless his heart...it was very obvious he was trying to faux hawk it. i could only laugh. i didn't have the computer at home so i called lane to google what works to get it out. oh, i forgot to mention that we have family pictures tomorrow for the first time ever!! lane said most of the results said baby oil followed by shampoo.
i couldn't understand how more grease would work but we tried it. i let it air dry to see the results. fail. it made it worse.
next, i made a baking soda paste and rubbed it in there and shampooed it with dish soap. i took a fine tooth comb and combed through it then rinsed.
it felt like it had helped so i washed it once more with the dish soap and it seemed to be gone.
tada!! like new. thank goodness, i would've flipped if looked nasty for our pictures! what a memory :)


Amy said...

I bet his hair is silky smooth and moisturized now. ;)

Lauren said...

What a goober. I laughed so hard when I read that tweet this morning...love him!

Chloe said...

Finally, a post that has my name in it!!!! O and like nephew like aunt!!

Me Myself and Amy said...

Yes! That's great! He was just trying to do his hair for you Kel!