a helper i will be...

"a helper i will be. a helper i will be. i will be a helper. a helper i will be..."

does anyone else know this song?? my mom always sung it, and still does to canon. i now find myself singing either that or barney's clean-up song while trying to get canon on board to pick-up his toys.
ledger has discovered the joy of laundry baskets. he's much more of an explorer/climber than canon was. he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. it's funny how different their personalities are. i wouldn't call canon scared, just more cautious...like me!
click here to go back in time to see another another cutie enjoying the simple things. they are like only a few days off from being the exact same age...weird. ledger looks huge. he is huge. he weighs a good 6-7 lbs more than 10 month old canon.
i love my little helpers. even though their "help" causes me more work and insures my house is never really picked up, i wouldn't have it any other way. i've realized it's not important if my house is clean. when they bring me a book, i've learned to just sit down and enjoy them sitting on my lap and cuddling. they are already growing and changing and becoming independent, and i'm trying to savor this stage for as long as i can. i'm so going to miss this one day.

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Lauren said...

The comparison is so funny! They look nothing alike. Miss them!