the best baby item ever...

*this is not a paid review...just big time bragging on one of my fav items!

when canon was born, my mom gave us a package of these swaddling blankets. honestly, my thoughts were that they were cute and soft, but really big and overpriced. nevertheless, i was thankful for the gift and watched the dvd that is included. i practiced up using a stuffed animal, but let's be honest, that's not even kind of the same!

i packed one to take to the hospital with us, and maybe used it...i can't remember. when we got home, i put the 3 in the rotation with all the other blankets we had. can we just stop and talk about how annoyingly small receiving blankets are? in order for the baby's feet to stay in the swaddle, their shoulders can't be wrapped good and vice versa. the swaddling blankets quickly became our favorites...like the only ones we ever used. why we never bought more, i don't know.

they were perfect for a summer baby, too since they are so lightweight. canon never cared to be completely swaddled. he loved his arms up by his head, but it was the only blanket that he stayed wrapped in all night. this blanket is also great for nursing. it covers everything and still allows the baby to breathe.

so last year when our niece, ella, was born it made sense to give the most wonderful gift ever. they too fell in love with them and bought more for her. then when ledger came along, they gifted us with a set for him. i bet you can't guess what we bought our soon-to-be born nephew? well, of course, the super cute zoom-zoom pattern above!

these babies cost about $40-45 for a package which sounds steep for plain 'ol cotton (or whatever that super soft material is) blankets, but i promise you it is worth it! ledger definitely got tons of use out of the 6 we have. he loved being swaddled...like real swaddled...for like 3 or 4 months. between always wanting to be wrapped up like a burrito or always wanting to eat, we used them 24/7.

ok...i'll come off my soap box. but, seriously, when people ask about the "#1 baby item", my mind always goes to these. enjoy.

and plus babies just look really cute wrapped up. ok. i'm done.


anxiously hopeful said...

That doesn't even look like Ledger anymore. He's changed SO much!

Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

i've not heard of these blankets before! i may have to invest in some, because Hannah loves to be swaddled and we're experiencing the same problems with the receiving blankets...especially as she grows longer! She always busts out of the swaddle before the night/nap is over. Thank you for sharing!