now to play catch-up...

we celebrated my mom's birthday and chloe's 11th gotcha day (can't believe this!) on thursday evening. chloe came home to our family on my mom's birthday...what a cool gift! the boys and i ran errands that morning and the sweet lady at the flower shop gave canon a balloon. that's the string he's holding in the pic below. he seriously played with that thing until it "died" the next day. sidenote: poor lane's eyes are driving him crazy. he needs new contacts, but we can't seem to find time to get down to muskogee for him to see his eye dr. hopefully, next week!
no idea why it's doing this, but i'm going to go with it! since we never dress up, i thought it'd be fun to do. i suggested that lane wear his white button up shirt to match the boys, but he said he didn't want to be that family. at least, he still coordinated! don't my little men look so handsome?!
we met mom, lauren, and chloe at outback. i seriously kept that place afloat while i was pregnant with canon. most of the restaurants in joplin for that matter! i was also earning a decent paycheck though, too, mind you. anyways, it was fun, but as we are learning more and more as we venture out with these guys, it can get crazy fast. not bad crazy. just pure crazy! don't know how many times i picked things up off the floor under the table with my toes.

we brought treats from our favorite bakery. while picking them up earlier, i let canon roam the 5-6 cases of yumminess and pick out something. of course, in the end, i "guided" him to the frosted cookies and let him pick from a few halloween cookies. he chose the pumpkin. the boy loves any kind of pumpkin. he was so good. i told him he couldn't eat until after gram's birthday dinner. he was so patient, and wanted to carry his sack, but never begged for it.

it was such a lovely evening with lovely people. boy, they make me laugh!

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