scrumptious recipes...

at least to my boys they are! which couldn't thrill me more. after having mr. picky for the past 2 years, i'm so thankful he's finally starting to try things and enjoy them. ledger, on the other hand, doesn't come across too many things he doesn't like, but nevertheless when both boys like something, it makes me happy! here's a couple recipes:

Spaghetti Squash

1 spaghetti squash
1 cup pureed carrots
1/2 cup shredded cheese
1 can spaghetti sauce
1-2 cups of ground turkey/beef or shredded chicken

half spaghetti squash, remove seeds and place both pieces into baking dish. fill with 1" of water. bake at 400* for an hour. in the meanwhile, puree carrots to make 1 cup and brown/cook meat of choice. mix spaghetti sauce, carrots, cheese and meat. cook on low heat while squash is baking. remove squash from oven and flip halves over. take a fork and run long ways down squash. it will make spaghetti looking noodles. fork out all of the insides. mix with sauce and bake for 15 minutes on 350*.
don't let the fact that its squash scare you. it has a mild flavor and actually tastes like spaghetti! with that being said, i've tasted it but prefer the real stuff...ha! i love that it has 2 vegetable servings and lots of protein in it.

Meat Cupcakes

1 can of biscuits
1# ground turkey/beef
1 small yellow onion
1/2 cup barbeque sauce
shredded cheddar cheese

brown meat and onion. mix bbq sauce with cooked meat. place biscuits in cupcake pan pressed alongside the side of each cup. put a pich of cheese in the bottom, followed by the meat mixture and topped with more cheese (there's no such thing as too much cheese in our house!). bake at 400* for 10 minutes or until biscuits are brown.

not as healthy but very yummy for everyone. this is one of our favorite meals with fried potatoes!


anxiously hopeful said...

Thanks, I'm always looking for kid friendly recipes that have some nutritional value!

Morgan Nicole said...

I make the meat cupcakes! I call them bar-b-cups. They're so good and so easy-they've always been one of my faves!