catching up...

the past week has been a blur. we were out of town for most of last week. i had decided a while back to do a garage sale. since we were already going to muskogee for that, lane suggested we go a day early so he could refinish our kitchen cabinets and not worry about kids getting into stuff...so we did. let me stop for a minute and say how much i HATE garage sales. my family has always had 1-2 sales a year. i remember trying to get out of helping with them. i'd sneak inside until someone would notice i was missing. i always swore i'd never have them when i was a grown-up. i said no amount of money was worth the work you have to put into them. that was until now. knowing i had about 7-8 boxes of "good stuff" sitting in my garage, plus a dining room set that could make us some money, i buckled and took on the challenge. we decided to do it in muskogee since i knew how sales typically go there. i'm pretty sure that we could've done better here looking back. oh, well.

so tuesday, the boys and i loaded up our goodies and set off. i spent tuesday night and wednesday pricing a million and five items. i helped chloe clean out her room and get rid of things that have resided in there for way too long. we seriously got rid of 75% of her room. i then priced those things. thursday was spent organizing tables and pricing more things. my sister- and mother-in-law also put some of their things in it. lane got to muskogee thursday evening and, honestly, it didn't look like i had done much which wasn't what my body was telling me. i may or may not have had a meltdown and had a couple people tell me i was being mean :) i was starving, oh so tired, and freezing!!! we finally went to bed around midnight and woke a short 5 hours later. once we had everything seet up and the sale got under way, it wasn't so bad. 34 degrees yes. we took turns taking care of the kids inside to warm up until it was warm enough for them to come out. we moved a lot of merchandise and were able to take 3 big tables down and consolidate.

saturday's sale was much more laid back and not as busy. my family was home so they all halped out as well. my mom was able to get a lot accomplished on her to-do list while we were there to help. i come from a line of pack rats and we are in major detox mode. while i was helping chloe with her room, i realized that she is exactly how i was at her age! in the end, it was worth the time and effort and we were thrilled with what we made. we kept saying that all that stuff was money sitting in our garage.

in other news, while we were there, the boys attended their first halloween event. my mom, chloe and i took them to "pumpkin palooza" at their oomah and pop's church. they had a great area for preschool aged kids set up. canon loved all the fun games...except the one time he burst into tears for no reason, but other than that, he enjoyed getting treats in his pumpkin. ledger, on the other hand, enjoyed the hotdog he had. go figure. my MIL did a wonderful job at heading up such a big event!canon was a gnome...and a darn cute one. this costume came with a beard, but he was terrified of it. if we asked him to try it on, he'd start whimpering and just point to his head and say hat. he just wanted to wear the hat! ledger was our tiger. it was actually canon's costume last year (it was at that time the only animal sound canon would make) that he never got to wear since he came down with the flu. we started working with ledger on his tiger sound early, and let me tell you, it's something fierce, but he refuses to do it with people around. little turkey.

on halloween night, we attended our church's fall fest. this was our first year to attend. HPCC does such a fantastic job at providing really cool opportunities to love on the neighborhood our church is in, which is also where we live! we hosted a trunk for trunk or treating. i loved seeing all the kids dressed up, and canon loved putting candy in their bags. he never once tried to keep it. i'm sure it might be a different story next year :)

we had a play date yesterday with one of my sweet friends, jenny, and 2 of her 4 kids. i love spending time with her and we don't get to do it nearly enough. her husband is the youth minister at lane's home church and who he did an internship with during school. i've learned so many things from her. she's the one i ask ministry and mommy questions to! i've never felt like i can't just be honest with her. canon of course enjoyed playing with a big kid. she has a son 2 months older than ledger who was a perfect angel. my son on the other hand was fussy for most of the time!

between coming home with luggage and the kitchen being completely destroyed, my house was a pit, but since company was coming over, i busted my tail and got everything done which was nice because today has been a low-key day. i got my christmas stuff out (which is it's own post). along with all that, came the little people nativity set. i can't tell you how many times i've told the christmas story today! i can't wait until my kids understand what the story really means for each of them. for now, i love that i am able to tell them of god's perfect plan so, prayerfully, one day they will accept his love and grace for themselves.

welp, that's it from houseofmoss for now.

oh yeah, i'm on a baking/cooking kick. in the past 24 hours, i've made homemade chicken pot pie, puppy chow, chocolate gravy and biscuits, and homemade chicken tenders. not a one of those is even remotely healthy, but this time of year makes me crave these types of food!


levi.eden.nora.cordie said...

You are amazing, I can't even imagine trying to pull of a garage sale with two little kids! Love the boys' costumes! They are so adorable!

Morgan Nicole said...

You're incredible, Kel! We need to do a garage sale but it would take a LOT of time and effort for us too. Canon and Ledger are super cute in their costumes!! :) Also, I would love your recipe for chocolate gravy - that sounds so great!

Lauren said...

Longest post ever! I read it all though, don't you fret. Could you please come bring your kids here and cook for me when I return at the end of the day?? Love you mean it!

Anonymous said...

Look at you! Working a garage sale and cooking and baking while caring for your babies! SUPER MOM!!! Your boys' look ADORABLE! Oh my goodness...I just love little boys.