we have a walker...

it's official! ledger now prefers to walk over crawling. learning to walk is prob one of my favorite phases that my chidren have gone through. i LOVE watching them figure out the balance thing and the reminder to get back up each time we fall. ledger has been standing up on his own (most of the time with something in hand) for a few months now and was taking a few steps last month, but just this week, he has taken off. rarely, does he crawl. he has a few bumps on his head/face, but he's loving it! it blows my mind how far he's come developmentally in a year. enjoy.

walker from kelli moss on Vimeo.

this other cutie learning to walk? where does time go? sigh.


Caitlin said...

wow that's cute! i was totally giggling as i watched it. i love that stage! good work ledger!!

Lauren said...

Yay! Way to go Ledgie!!! Can't wait til Friday! xoxo