cleaning day...

i know i've been MIA lately, but I have been a busy bee. I have 2 parties at my house in the next week...yikes. I'm having a scentsy party on monday for a friend from muskogee, and then next saturday we are celebrating ledger's big 1st birthday. i don't want to even begin thinking about the craziness of thanksgiving week!!

the past 2 days have been appointment/errand days, and today i've had to force myself to start cleaning this neglected house. pretty sure it hasn't been thoroughly deep-cleaned since right before ledger was born...a year ago!

i've focused on the bedrooms today. like moving beds to dust behind them, washing all bed linens, dusting the NASTY fans and blinds, etc. no wonder my allergies have been so bad this fall. i'm ashamed at the amount of dust in my house!

i have a problem, though. i have one cleaning style and have held to it for as long as i can remember...make an even bigger mess in the process of cleaning before it's "clean". seriously, it's bad. i can't just pick-up and then clean. i do everything out of order and have piles everywhere. i make it so much harder on myself.

i'm really jealous of my sister's style. she can seriously make the WHOLE house look perfect and organized in a matter of minutes. i'm sure my house drives her crazy, but i got to be honest, i love when she watches the boys because i come home and it's spotless!

to bad it's taken me all morning to just get 3 rooms done...rooms that nobody sees. you should see the condition of my living room and kitchen. eesh.

what's your cleaning style/tactics?? obviously, mine's not working!!


Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

I have to make a very detailed list and then concentrate on one room at a time, crossing off each item on the list as I go. Otherwise, I get very overwhelmed.

Me Myself and Amy said...

I agree with Maggie. I do just one room at at time. But the problem is with my Type A personality I have to clean in the same order everytime. So the nursery and my bathroom often get negleted since they are in the back of the house! But when I am in one room I clean top to bottom, literally.

Mallory Vanderveer said...

sorry, my method is similar to yours... My mother use to come into our rooms on cleaning day and pull everything out of our closets and out from under the bed making a huge mess, worse then before. But when it was all said and done the room was even cleaner then it would have been. So now I do that too during spring/winter cleaning.
Hopefully someone will have a better method to suggest for you.

Lauren said...

Just follow in my footsteps...set a timer get as much done as you can and you will see how quick it can actually go. There may be no hope for you, but you do clean well despite your slowness. :)