an ode to a dear friend...

(one last pic with my fav passy)

tonight was a sad night in our house. not so much for anyone else, but for this mama? yes. tonight canon was such a big, brave boy. he put all of his passies in a bag to give to the passy fairy so she could give them to other kids who need them. we've been psyching him up all week for this night. i don't think he realized just what the cost was going to be! after we walked outside and put them in the mailbox, we came in and got ready for bed. he immediately went to the front door asking for his "a**" as he so affectionately calls it. after a few tears, he settled into bed and here it is an hour later and i can still hear him talking.

(this is really how i feel about it. no worries though..i saved it!)

i may or may not have shed more than a few tears the past 2 nights over this. it certainly hasn't helped weaning ledger from nursing this week, too. why on earth did i choose to take away both of my babies "soothers" the same week? i've always been such a passy person. pretty sure the mams (i'm a mam snob) were the first thing i bought when i found out canon was a boy. when he used one all the time, i always made sure his passy coordinated with his outfit. since he turned 2, he's only taken one at naptime/bedtime. i never dreamed that ledger would come along and hate a passy as much as he did/does. i've tried and tried, but it's probably good to make weaning easier on canon the passy addict! tonight is just another example of how fast my babies are growing up. don't get me wrong, i'm so thankful i get to experience these milestones because it means i have my babies in my arms.

and now a walk down memory lane...

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Lauren said...

That just made me cry...poor little guy. JUST GIVE THEM BACK TO HIM! PLEASE!