it's never too late to give thanks...

totally forgot to post our thanksgiving week. we headed to muskogee on tuesday. after eating at probably my favorite local eatery there, mahylon's, my sisters and i went to the dreaded wal-mart. this isn't just a wal-mart. this is muskogee's wal-mart...only the best place in the world for the most unique people watching. no idea why that specific store feels so different. this was a highlight though of my week getting to spend that time with my sisters. we always have a good time.
on wednesday, the marathon of cooking began. for the past 6 thanksgivings, i've assumed the head chef role due to my mom either having surgeries or work. i always have my happy helpers though!! an hour before our company was due to arrive, the disposal backed up. can i just say that it never fails that this occurs with one of us when huge gatherings are about to take place.
soon after, my grandparents and cousins arrived. this was my first time to meet my sweet, sweet 2nd cousin, ben. i pretty much baby hogged him that night. he was such a good baby and was so expressive. he's going to be a ham! he reminded me of baby canon. i think they even look alike. we hit up another favorite restaurant, charlie's chicken BUFFET. yep. it was good and is karrie's favorite place in oklahoma!
sometime between going to bed and waking up it turned ice cold. literally. while we ate lunch, there was ice on the trees. just how a holiday should be, in my opinion. it always makes me nervous setting a dinner time when there's that much food to warm at the same time. however, we said noon and it was on at 11:50. man, everyone pitched in different dishes, and it was some good eating! after taking a bazillion pictures, they had to get on the road to get back to arkansas. it was such a short time, but so good to see everyone!
aunt clo and canon entertained themselves by dressing canon up in different girly looks. we kept telling him how pretty he looked. he loves his aunt "0".
seriously...sweetest baby.
and the other sweetest baby award goes to this one. although he's not much of a baby anymore :( look at those eyes. love him. love my family. thankful for down times when we get to just enjoy each other!


Heather said...

Head chef...very impressive! I can't believe how much Ledger looks like Lane. You have some adorable boys!

Lauren said...

Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks....I forgot the words to that song, but I sang that as I was reading this post...haha. It will be in my head the rest of the day. Oh geez!