25 on the 25th...

it's my golden birthday!! my sister just taught me what that is. i say i hate birthdays, but i really don't mind them. i have too good of a life and too many blessings to complain. i feel so blessed this year by so many people and where we are in life. so in honor of turning 25, here are 25 things you may or may not know about me...

25. i enjoy a cup of coffee everyday around 4 while i watch jeopardy.
24. i don't play any instruments...and can't carry a tune well enough to sing by myself.
23. i graduated high school a year early.
22. before you go thinking i'm really smart, i made a 20 on my ACT...twice. so i stopped taking it.
21. i worked as an RN for 6 months. i've been home for the past 3 years.
20. i LOVE mac n' cheese. any way. kraft or homemade.
19. growing up, i wanted to be an astronaut, meteorologist, or nurse.
18. my worst chore is loading the dishwasher.
17. i have a hard time finishing a movie once we start it. i usually give up about 30-40 minutes in.
16. whenever lauren and i would want the other to play house, we would say "hey girl."
15. i love getting flowers, but think it's stupid how much they cost.
14. my last meal would be a ribeye, baked sweet potato, mac n' cheese, bread & butter, and chocolate sheet cake.
13. i really wish panera had a drive-thru.
12. i love watching tv.
11. i drive a mini-van!
10. flying makes me really nervous, but i want to see places i would have to fly to.
9. there are 5 targets within 10 miles of my house. this makes me so happy!
8. i've been blogging for 2.5 years
7. i pass out really easily.
6. i love being pregnant.
5. this is really hard thinking of things.
4. i'm becoming more afraid of heights as i get older.
3. i would love to spend a week in ireland with lane.
2. i feel like eating and finding new restaurants is a hobby.

and there you have it. that was hard. good thing i'm only 25!!

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Josh and Maggie Seymour said...

I am completely jealous of your #9. And I agree with you on #6 and 12! Happy Birthday!