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Whew! Almost for got to post these today. And they're two of my favorites!!

18. What breaks her heart. Tony Campolo once quoted his boss (can’t remember his name) as saying, “You aren’t really a Christian until your heart is broken by the things that break the heart of God.” There are two main things that will break Kelli’s heart to the point of weeping every single time. 1. People being far from Jesus. Perhaps this is why she is so understanding of my schedule and my job. She knows what is at stake. On more than one occasion I have prayed with Kelli for a friend or someone she knows that is not following Jesus and living in the light of His grace and mercy. She cries. She can’t sleep. She can hardly function. She prays. 2. Sick or hurting children. Have you ever written a blog detailing your child’s health struggles? I assure you that if Kelli read your blog (and she probably does given that I don’t think one exists that she doesn’t read) she has wept with you and prays for you and your child daily. I often just walk in a room and Kelli is on the computer crying as she reads a blog or watches TV about little Josie Duggar. Sometimes we’ll be watching TV or a movie and I’m wrapped up in it and I look over and find Kelli, once again, eyes full of tears as she reads the story of a baby or child struggling with health issues. I confess, I used to say stuff like, “Kelli, if it is going to make you that sad then why would you read it? Just stop reading!” But somewhere along the lines I realized that her heart is broken by the things that break the heart of God and she can’t stop reading because she prays as she reads and is far too concerned to not keep updated on how the baby and the family are doing.

17. She loves the weather. She has always said she wanted to be a meteorologist (man you don’t realize how many syllables that word has in it until you type it). The truth is, she loves weather way to much to ever be a meteorologist. She loves anything out of the ordinary. She doesn’t always enjoy the tornadoes and such, but I think she just loves the drama that they bring. What she does love is a good snow. She’ll settle for a good rain, but she loves a good snow. Anyone ever been frustrated by all the snow and/or ice in the winter? If you live in Tulsa (or Muskogee in 07) you can blame my wife and her prayer life. Yes, she prays for it. She loves gray days and any type of weather that make people slow down their hurried pace and grab a book. She must watch the weather at LEAST once a day, she has even been known to dvr it, she references weather people by first name in conversation with people who have no idea what she’s talking about, she makes fun of me for not having a firm grasp of things like differential motion or the adiabatic process, she loves it. And I love that she loves it.


Lisa said...

Ok Kelli, Please stop praying for snow. I am really not looking forward to more snow this week.

anxiously hopeful said...

When our electricity goes out, I'm bringing all 4 of my kids to your house to ride out the storm!

Me Myself and Amy said...

That's amazing! You got the Tulsa area covered and I will pray to cover Muskogee!!! I knew we had this in common but I had forgotten! I am looking forward to being snowed in with the ones I love tommorrow.