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A couple of stories for 20 & 19

20. She’s an awesome nurse. This is interesting because Kelli would tell you that there are not a lot of things in this world at which she is exceptionally gifted. She would be wrong, but she would still say that. One of the things at which she excelled is nursing. I say excelled because she doesn’t do it on a professional level anymore (just taking care of me and the boys). Instead, we are blessed that she is able to be a stay at home mom (sahm?). However, when she was doing it, she was awesome. She got her first nursing job when we moved to Joplin. She didn’t have a great interview (more on that in a bit), but the interviewer still saw fit to call her references. They were her nursing instructors from school. Her interviewer would later tell Kelli that they raved about Kelli and insisted that if they, or any of their loved ones were ever in the hospital, Kelli is the nurse they would want looking after them. She was hired and worked on the cardiology floor, primarily with old people. Kelli has an incredible natural way with older people that makes them feel comfortable. It’s because Kelli loves them and genuinely cares about them. She gives them the attention they deserve. These things coupled with her technical nursing prowess made her an awesome nurse. This is so cool now because in a house of boys, especially clumsy ones, Kelli is so level headed in the inevitable event of an injury.

19. Her knack for loosing consciousness. No other way to say so I’ll just say it, Kelli tends to pass out in tense situations. Sure, like a fainting goat if that helps you. A couple of stories: While we were engaged I was interning for CIY and Kel and I hadn’t seen each other in quite a while. She came up to Joplin or an evening but we didn’t really have anywhere to hang out. We went up to the mall parking lot to sit in my car and visit. Seriously. Just talking. We even parked under a street light. Well the mall had been closed for an hour or so so the security guards didn’t like us sitting their. They got us out of the car and separated us to give Kelli and chance to let the guard talking to her that she was here against her will (she wasn’t). Anyway while I’m talking to my guard I hear the other guy yelling, “She’s going down!” and turn around to see my fiance passing out in the parking lot. It made me look awesome. Next story: Remember that interview I said didn’t go too well? Right. Kelli was being interviewed and was feeling increasingly stressed about the whole situation. It ended in her waking up to the instructor and some other people helping her into her chair and the interviewer asking her, “Do you want to finish?”. Not a good sign. There are a lot more stories, but those are for a later time.

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