About the Author: 24 and 23

I was talking to Kelli yesterday and she insisted that 25 days would get old for people so she wants me to post 2-3 per day. The truth is she just really wants to see what I wrote and I won't let her read them until I post them on the blog. So she doesn't want to wait 25 days. In any case, it's her birthday week (that's right) so I obliged.

24. Her eyes. I know I know. This is cheesy and sappy. But it’s the truth. I have been taken by her eyes for as long as I can remember. They are this gorgeous, dark, chocolate brown that tell every one of her emotions without needing any help from any other features. Especially when she smiles. For a brief second, before they disappear because she smiles so big, her eyes tell the whole story. I just love it. I adore her.

23. Her humor. Speaking of smiling...few things make Kelli smile more than a good joke...nothing sophisticated here, Kelli prefers old man jokes. Understand I’m not talking about jokes with old men as the subjects, but rather jokes old men would tell. You know, "Where does the general put his armies? In his sleevies." That kind of thing. I suspect she would fit in great at the lodge. I told Kelli that a guy walked into a bar and said “ouch” the other day and she thought I should go on tour. This bodes well for our good friend Jake Epperson, by the way, because he’s got nothing if not a head full of laffy-taffy jokes. And preachers. It bodes well for preachers, too. It's also great for me because she tends to think I'm hilarious regardless of whether or not I'm bringing my best material that day. I love that about her. I adore her.

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