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As we continue our list of things I love about Kelli, we'll get into two very important things. One because it is vital to my life, and one because it is vital to my sanity. I love ministry, and I love laughing.

22. Her passion for Youth Ministry. This manifests itself in a few different ways. With two little boys, often Kel’s involvement with the ym is more limited than she would like it to be. Still, she makes sure she has time to be at the SUMMIT (middle school service), A|Zero (high school service) and to lead her HS girls small group every Monday night at our house. After church on Sunday mornings as well as Wednesday nights, Kelli picks the boys up from the nursery and is surrounded by MS and HS students playing with the boys and talking with Kelli. She loves this. I know that every week tons of students watch Kelli be the mom that God has called her to be...more on that later. Another way this manifests itself is through her understanding of my, often hectic, schedule. My job (which I love) requires a lot of flexibility from both myself, and Kelli. I travel frequently and am on call 24/7 (there are times when I just shut off my phone, btw). Kelli is so understanding and so committed to youth ministry that she is willing to put up with a schedule like mine, even though it often goes completely against the detailed planner inside her. I just adore her.

21. She makes up words to songs. Kelli sings a lot. That said, lyrical retention is not one of her strong points. This makes for very entertaining moments. And just so you don’t imagine this being a once in a while type of thing, this is a daily occurrence. Most recently I think she linked up the lyrics to a Matt Redman song and what I think was Mamba #5. She doesn’t realize she’s doing this. She just starts singing and then songs blend together to make some type of hybrid. Or she just makes up words all together assuming they’re correct. It happens often and is ALWAYS hilarious. And I adore her.

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Lauren said...

I love it when Kel makes up words to songs. She has ALWAYS done it and I think it will only get worse over the years. Keep it up! :)