alter egos...

i LOVE the stages my kids are in. i'll admit...i have had baby fever a couple of times over the past 6 months, but in the past month, i have come to totally enjoy the stages we're at. i am so at peace and content with my 2 boys! they are hilarious. they entertain each other. they eat and sleep (and sometimes poop) on the same schedule. they wear each others clothes. it just has been really great having them this close together.

anyways...i digress. lately, canon has started using me, my, mine words. he also watches the same pixar movies over and over. these two things collided when he started saying "me" everytime a movie would be on. so we would ask him who he was and he'd tell us which character everyone in our family was. he's been remmi (ratatouille) and lightening mcqueen (cars) so far.

his newest alter ego is dash from the incredibles. he LOVES dash. we have watched this movie over and over this past week. when he comes on the tv, canon is quick to say "-e -ash." he also points to ledger and says "-ack -ack". i love that his imagination is coming alive and i can see it in his play and day to day activities. he is the sweetest boy with the biggest heart. gosh, i love him.

Untitled from kelli moss on Vimeo.

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