first day of school...

canon started school this past week! he was supposed to start on tuesday, but seeing how we were in the hospital, he started thursday. he's attending our church's learning school. we are so excited for him and think he will benefit greatly from being around other kids. his speech teacher is even more thrilled! we told him the week before christmas that after christmas break he would get to go to school. no lie...every single day he would wake up asking about "-ool." so after a stinky week of throwing up and being in the hospital, the day finally came for him to go to big boy school. the morning, i knew, was going to be a bit hectic since lane had to be somewhere by 8 and i'd be getting everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door on time. the first thing i heard from canon was a big thud then crying. i ran to his room and noticed what i thought was dry blood around his mouth, but i instantly thought his lips had cracked overnight with how dry his lips had been that week with his dehydration. about 10 seconds later, i notice his mouth is full of fresh blood. 2 things i learned this week: i don't do puke well and i don't do blood well. something has happened to me in the past 3 years that has made me have a super weak stomach. i obviously have to handle it when i'm by myself, and i did. his lip swelled up really fast and i wasn't sure if it needed stiches or not since he wouldn't let me look inside. it stopped bleeding within about 5 minutes so i figured it was fine. i gave him some tylenol and out the door we went.

when we picked him up from school, i felt terrible. he was so dazed and his lip looked awful. we really were worried for a bit and kept quizzing him about stuff. his teachers said he did fine and never cried. he just observed and took it all in.

he's already been asking about it over the weekend so i know he loved it! hoping this week will be much calmer and he'll adjust well :) btw, if you ask him to smile, you get this super cheesy, fake smile. i know it's just a phase, and i love it!

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